IBM leaves Russia: 1000 employees laid off

IBM abbandona la Russia e licenza tutti i dipendenti nel Paese thumbnail

IBM bids final farewell to Russia. The company announced the layoff of all staff in Russia after it suspended operations last March. This choice leads to the dismissal of over 1,000 people. Here are the final details on the matter:

IBM leaves Russia and fires all its employees in the country

As early as last March, IBM had suspended all operations in Russia. Today, the company also confirmed the dismissal of employees with the definitive closure of activities in the country following the war in Ukraine and the sanctions of Western countries. IBM’s Russian site is also no longer available. The company has also terminated all collaborations with local companies following the decision to leave the country. The CEO di IBM, Arvind Krishna, has specified that such a decision is inevitable considering the consequences of the war. At the same time, Russian workers are not at fault, but as IBM points out, liquidating all business in Russia is now the next step as a result of sanctions.

Microsoft is also aiming to leave the country

Note that also Microsoft has announced a gradual reduction of its operations in Russia. The company has confirmed its willingness to continue to comply with contractual obligations with local customers. For the future, however, the company is preparing a farewell to the Russian market. This choice will result in a series of new layoffs in the country.

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