The Monster of the Seas: from 8 July on Netflix

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The Monster of the Seas: the animated film with the voices of Diego Abatantuono and Claudio Santamaria will be released only on Netflix from 8 July 2022

Entertainment giant Netflix has just released trailers and posts of the animated film The Monster of the Seas which will be released on 8 July 2022 on the streaming platform in all countries where the service is active. The film see the Oscar-winning director Chris Williamsalready known for Oceania, Big Hero 6, Bolt: a four-legged hero.

The Italian version

The Italian version of the film The Monster of the Seas will be embellished with the voices of Diego Abatantuonowhich doubles the character of Captain Crow, from that of Claudio Santamariawho instead plays the brave monster hunter Jacob Hollans, and finally that of Giulia Stabile, dancer and winner of the twentieth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Giulia will make a vocal cameo as the young Lookout of the Inevitable, the most famous fighter ship.

We insert below the link to be able to enjoy the trailer of Il Mostro dei Mari:

Plot of The Monster of the Seas

In an age when terrifying creatures sail the seas, monster hunters are considered true heroes. And the great Jacob Holland is certainly the most acclaimed. But when the young Maisie Brumble clandestinely embarks on her legendary ship, the man surprisingly finds an ally. Together they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history.

We repeat that the direction is signed by Oscar winner Chris Williams.

The animated film The Monster of the Seas takes the viewer to the edge of the world, where the real adventure begins.

Now then all that remains is to enjoy the trailer of this film, immerse yourself in its unexplored and unknown waters and start the adventure!

As always, we are here to update you and, please, don’t forget the date: July 8, 2022 only on Netflix.

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