id Software: the search for some figures leads to the hypothesis of a new Quake

Id Software is looking for staff for a new game linked to its historic FPS title, and it could be Quake

Seems like period of hiring in the Zenimax offices, and among the open positions within the subsidiary studio founded by John Romero, id Software, it seems they are looking for people interested in creating a project for a historical title of the studio, of the action FPS genre. id Software has been the author of a new game genre, with its iconic first-person titles featuring unprecedented violence and bloodbaths, such as DOOM, Hell on Earth, Quake, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and RAGE. Some of these games have not seen further sequels, and now both RAGE and Wolfenstein have fallen under the wing of other development studios. So, all that remains is to hypothesize something about DOOM or, why not, even a some follow up of the acclaimed Quake.

A new Quake game emerges from the figures sought by id Software

The positions that are sought for the production of this historic new FPS are, in addition to numerous technical figures, also a Senior Technical Animator, a Skybox Artist and an Enviroment Concept Artist. It describes how those who apply for the roles will be responsible for the visualization and implementation of backgrounds and skyboxes in style sci-fi e fantasy, aiming for a Triple A quality. Also, it is explicitly requested among the qualifications an excellent competence in the artistic styles of the aforementioned genres. Given the premises, therefore, if you go to consider the most palpable titles it could be a new Quake game, and the theory is even more likely due to the various rumors about id Software, including those spread by one of the members of the well-known podcast XboxIt was early this summer.

id Software: the search for some figures leads to the hypothesis of a new Quake

According to the podcaster, there would be a Quake reboot in development by id Software and Machine Games, which would include modes singleplayer e multiplayer, as well as one female protagonist. The Quake remaster was released on PC and consoles towards the end of August, presenting itself with support for 4K and 60 FPS, including a new expansion along with graphics updates that covered light, models, shadows, motion blur. and anti-aliasing. The latest new game in the series released dates back though al 2017, con Quake Champions.

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