IIDEA presents the new report on the videogame market in Italy

IIDEA presents the new report on the videogame market in Italy

IIDEA, the Association that represents the videogame industry in Italy, has published a new annual report on the videogame market in our country

IIDEA, the Association that represents the video game industry in Italy, announces today the report on the market and consumers of video games in Italy in 2020. The sector records a historic performance: grows by 21.9% compared to the previous survey and realizes a turnover of 2 billion and 179 million euros.

The pandemic that has plagued us since the beginning of 2020 has had a major impact on many sectors, including entertainment. The video game market in Italy has continued to grow in the wake of the trend started for several years now e recorded exceptional numbers.

The software sales they have been driving the sector again with a turnover of 1.7 billion euros and a growth of 24.8% compared to 2019. In particular, the segment digital, including digital downloads on consoles, PCs and apps, recorded the largest expansion, going from 602 million euros the previous year to 799 million in 2020. Thanks to the good performance of the next gen consoles and Nintendo Switch, the sector generated a turnover of 395 million euros with a growth trend of 6.9%.

The data contained in the report were elaborated on the basis of a research methodology curated and promoted internationally by the European federation of the video game industry, and refer to fonti GSD e GameTrack. The aggregate ranking is led by FIFA 21, followed by GTA V e FIFA 20, same podium of the Top 10 of video games on consoles. The best-selling genres in 2020 were Action, Sportsmen e Adventure. The third place of its kind is interesting Strategy in the Top 10 relating solely to the best-selling video games on PC.

The IIDEA report also analyzes the effects of Covid

The influence of COVID-19 on consumer gaming habits. The analysis of the data collected showed that in 2020 the playing time it peaked during lockdown periods or intensification of restrictions. The increase was about an extra hour of play per week during the first and second waves.

Furthermore, it emerged from the analysis that i online multiplayer video games played a supporting role for gamers during the restrictions caused by the pandemic. The 50% of players used them to stay in touch with friends, the 48% to feel less isolated, the 39% as a tool to feel less anxious and over a third of them (the 36%) stated that video games helped them feel happy.

IIDEA presents the new report on the videogame market in Italy

Even in the family environment, video games have played an important role in the moments of family leisure. The 19% of respondents said they played video games with their children, as it rises to 22% among those who have children in the 6-10 age group and al 20% in the range of 11-15 years. The 19% of parents also said they used educational video games to support learning. The percentage rises further among those who have children of primary school age, reaching up to 29%.

As for the most used gaming platforms, mobile devices are all the rage. Beyond 10.6 million Italian gamers use them, including 5.2 million women. PCs follow with 7.2 million people and home consoles with 6.7 million.

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