iiiF150 R2022: a rugged smartphone with night vision

In this article we present iiiF150 R2022, a rugged smartphone capable of withstanding extreme conditions, also equipped with night vision and a truly peculiar design. Let’s see all the details

Many modern smartphones aim to reduce the overall dimensions by reducing the bezels and sometimes limiting the resistance of the devices. This is not the case with iiiF150 R2022 which instead is one of the most solid smartphones on the market, but which, as we will see below, does not give up on performance and design. iiiF150 is a company founded in 2020 by a group of sports enthusiasts who grew up within OXO Techonologies. The goal was to create a smartphone suitable for use by outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts without fear and without giving up a quality product of course. Thus was born iiiF150 R2022.

iiiF150 R2022: a rugged smartphone with night vision

iiiF150 R2022: the top-of-the-range rugged smartphone

First of all the company has focused on design, creating a beautiful and functional product thanks to the characteristic octagonal design that not only makes it recognizable, but also ergonomic to hold. But let’s get to the specifics. The display is a true top of the range with a diagonal di 6.78 inches with FHD + resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate. Thanks to the display, iiiF150 R2022 can easily run games and play movies. The screen is protected by 1.1 mm of Gorilla Glass and can withstand an impact of 1.8 J.

The camera has three sensors, the main one 64 MP for taking photos and videos high resolution. Instead the second sensor is from 20 MP and is equipped with night vision to take perfect photos even in very critical lighting conditions or even simply to move in poorly lit areas, for example when going camping. The third sensor is 2 MP with macro optics. In addition to the night vision we have theHDR e video slow motion.

The beating heart of iiiF150 R2022 is a SoC Mediatek G95 (2x Cortex-A76 @ 2.05 GHz + 6x Cortex-A55 @ 2GHz) with ARM Mali-G76 MC4 GPU. We also find 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage mass. Respectable specifications that do not fear any application. Plus the battery from ben 8300 mAh it will certainly not leave you without energy at the end of the day. Connectivity is based on the 4G connection with excellent reception to avoid losing the network even in inaccessible places where coverage is poor.

iiiF150 R2022: a rugged smartphone with night vision

An indestructible smartphone

iiiF150 R2022 has been designed to withstand any stress. There IP69 certification guarantees protection from dives up to 1.5 meters lasting 8 hours, performance 4 times higher than current standards. It can also withstand immersions of 4 hours up to 3 meters. The fingerprint unlock, implemented for greater security, has been tested to withstand up to 100.00 cycles. It was also subjected to 8000 cycles of stress against bending and 20,000 drop tests from 1.5 meters. Even extreme temperatures do not scare iiiF150 R2022 which vary between -20 ° C and 70 degrees.

iiiF150 R2022: a rugged smartphone with night vision


Surely the strong point of iiiF150 R2022 is the price, of only $ 199. For a smartphone with top-of-the-range specs it’s a tank resistance, it’s really a more than fair price! That’s it from the mobile devices section, keep following us!

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