Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

In this short guide we will go to see the complete trophy list of Tales of Arise, the new chapter of the Bandai Namco series to be released on September 10th.

The Tales of series has been silent for several years, if we do not consider some remasters (such as that of Vesperia) and the expectation of a new chapter has become spasmodic in long-time fans. Tales of Arise was announced with great fanfare by a Bandai Namco aimed at significantly improve and modernize the title, without distorting the original foundations and features. We are ready to experience a new exciting adventure starting next September 10, the day of the release of the title, after a long series of gameplay, dev diary and various details on the game that have given us a good idea of ​​what we will have in our hands. . It’s true, and in recent days the trophy list of the title has also been leaked online. So we turn to you, trophy hunters!

Before starting

The complete trophy list of Tales of Arise consists of 48 total statuettes, of which 34 bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. As always, in these cases, we remind you that, although the descriptions of the trophies are the official ones decided by the developers, these may still contain spoiler of weft. For this reason, we do not recommend continuing reading to all those who do not want to receive any kind of preview on Tales of Arise. That said, let’s get started!

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

Part 1 of the Bronze Trophies – Tales of Arise: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

Let’s start with the first part of the bronze trophies:

  • Freedom Ambassador: Defeat Lord Balseph. Raise the banner of freedom. The battle has just begun;
  • Victory over darkness: Defeat Lord Ganabelt, bringing hope to the people of Cyslodia after centuries of anguish;
  • Paladins of freedom: Recruit Lord Dohalim to join the party. With such an ally, the Royal Challenge will soon be a memory;
  • End of revenge: Defeat Lord Almeidrea. A young hero saved her by standing between her and one of her victims;
  • Liberator of Dahna: Defeat Lord Vholran. After all the lords have fallen, Dahna is finally a free planet;
  • Thwarted invasion: Stop the wedge lights. The Rhine have plundered Dahna far too long;
  • Intertwined hearts: Forges an unbreakable bond with Shionne, starting with having the first meal together;
  • Honesty and magic: Forges an unbreakable bond with Rinwell, helping her to accept her past;
  • Shining example: Forges an unbreakable bond with Law, giving him a target on and off the battlefield;
  • A humble dream: Forges an unbreakable bond with Kisara, reminding her that sometimes it is right to dream;
  • One glass after another: Forges an unbreakable bond with Dohalim, drinking to the end in the company of a former lord;
  • The return of the owls: Find and report all owls. In any case, Hootle’s place is alongside Rinwell;
  • Rebel spark: Complete your first side mission. Even the slightest spark can set off flames;
  • Fishing talent: Catch your first fish. It is not just a pastime, but a good way to get food;
  • Quick cooking: Cook your first meal. When facing such adversities, never neglect nutrition;
  • Serial gunsmith: Craft 100 weapon types. This arsenal demonstrates how diverse their strengths are;
  • Goldsmith: Craft 30 accessories. The search for the balance between form and efficiency is an endless battle.

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

Part 2 of the Bronze Trophies – Tales of Arise: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

And here, instead, the second half of the bronze trophies:

  • The importance of the name: Learn your first non-DLC title skill. Wherever you are, that name will be a guarantee of respect;
  • Burst of slaps: Get over 100 hits with a combo. Resort to the help of comrades to prevent the enemy from reacting;
  • Master stroke: Inflict 10000 or more damage in one hit. Use your strength to unleash a lethal attack;
  • Winning counterattack: Perform 100 Sharp Counterattacks. Force opponents to fear your terrible revenge;
  • Rich life: Spend 400,000 gald. This group has no qualms about buying the superfluous;
  • Encyclopedia of zeugles: Encounter 120 different types of non-DLC enemies. Study them well to grasp their weaknesses;
  • Unquenchable flame: Defeat Efreet Malum. Once it was a spark, today it has incinerated the giant of flames;
  • Night flower: Defeat Meneiys. If only there had been more time to admire the ghost flower …
  • Seismic continent: Defeat Minigiant. Its size was so impressive that it annihilated even the ruins;
  • Cyclone out of control: Defeat Sylph Procella. Traveling the skies on its back was an unforgettable experience;
  • Furious current: Defeat Luo Undine. Not even his size could save him from the fury of the group;
  • Big game: Defeat 20 giants. No adventurer can resist the temptation to challenge them;
  • Elite vanguard: Complete the Supreme level battles in the training center. When the group is superb …
  • Amateur: Get your first non-DLC artifact. Its bizarre shape never ceases to fascinate you;
  • Apprentice farmer: Complete your first harvest on the ranch. Each creature is raised with love and respect;
  • Passionate about owls: Find and report 13 owls. The woods are being repopulated;
  • Endless chatter: Displays 300 skits. Group members never run out of topics.

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

Silver Trophies – Tales of Arise: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

We continue with the silver trophies of Tales of Arise:

  • The truth: Find out the truth about Dahna and Rena about Daeq Faezol. It is time to challenge the Supreme Spirit;
  • Bridging the distances: Forges an unbreakable bond with each partner, demonstrating the hours spent together;
  • Problem solved: Complete 70 side missions. Always ready to welcome any request for help!
  • Peach Boss: Catch all kinds of fish and show fishing notes to the expert;
  • International cuisine: Learn 30 non-DLC recipes. The search for the perfect meal leads to every corner of the planet Dahna;
  • Multi-titled: Learn 400 non-DLC title skills. Fame often carries nicknames coined by friends and rivals;
  • Maximum power: Reach level 100. Dahna’s paladins have started from nowhere to reach the pinnacle;
  • Fight against the past: Complete the ‘Memory Machine’ side mission. This group is not afraid of the past!
  • Niche expert: Obtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts. A large collection can only be synonymous with passion;
  • Experienced farmer– Complete 50 crops on the ranch. The meat obtained supports the group and its noble cause;
  • Friend of owls: Find and report 32 owls. The woods begin to be invaded by owls.

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

The Gold Trophies and the Platinum Trophy – Tales of Arise: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

Let’s see the two gold trophies together:

  • Fated hero: Save both planets from destruction. The protagonists are heading towards a future of prosperity;
  • Unearthly survivor: Complete the ‘Otherworldly Visitors’ side quest to reunite a couple.

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

Finally, let’s find out the title of the Tales of Arise platinum trophy:

  • Elevation: Certificate of knowledge acquired on both planets after countless adventures and battles.

Tales of Arise: complete trophy list revealed!

Good fun!

And here is the complete trophy list of Tales of Arise. We remind you that the new chapter of the series will be available starting September 10 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Will you buy the Bandai Namco title? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!