Ikea introduces three new Zigbee sensors for the smart home under 10 euros

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Ikea makes the smart home accessible to all with the introduction of three new Zigbee sensors with a truly competitive price: Parasol, Vallhorn e Badring. These devices will arrive globally in the first half of next year, priced below 10 euro. The smart home has never been so affordable.

Ikea launches three Zigbee sensors for the smart home for less than 10 euros

Parasol it is a standard sensor for doors and windows, capable of activating the automation once an opening or closing is detected. It’s easy to pair with an Ikea bulb without the need to purchase additional accessories such as the Ikea Home smart hub.

Ma supporting Zigbee, you can combine it with many other smart home products, such as the Philips Hue Bridge and more. In short, whatever your smart home (or security) ecosystem, you can associate this sensor and understand when doors and windows are opened. It will arrive in January at the price of € 9,99.

Il Vallhorn motion sensor, usable both indoors and outdoors (with IP44 protection), activates lights or other automations upon detection of movements. And it also costs less than Parasoll: alone € 7,99.

Can control up to 10 Ikea smart bulbs straight out of the box, offering greater coverage than the existing Ikea motion sensor, which is priced at € 12,99 and can only be used indoors. Again, Zigbee support makes it flexible and open to any system. You can turn on lights and activate routines and automations of all kinds.

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The sensor Badring for water leaks includes a integrated siren to warn of leaks and can send notifications toIkea Home smart app in homes equipped with the Ikea Dirigera hub. These sensors can potentially save large sums of money by preventing damage caused by water leaks. They will be available at a cost of 9,99€.

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Smart and convenient home

Among the three sensors, Parasoll and Badring are not compatible with Ikea’s older Trådfri Home smart gateways. However, all three sensors support the new Dirigera hub, which fully integrates Ikea devices into the Ikea smart home product range and app Home smart. Furthermore, it enables the interaction of Ikea devices with Ikea’s smart home ecosystems Google, Amazon e Apple both at home and away. Simply connect them to your favorite smart home app to receive notifications and start automations.

Despite support plans for Matter had been mentioned more than a year ago, Ikea does not currently provide such support. The company plans to enable support for Matter through radio activation in the future Thread in the Dirigera hub, as The Verge specifies. But the integration with Zigbee already offers the possibility of integrating the sensors with various other devices, not just Ikea branded ones.

Vallhorn and Parasoll will be available from January 2024while Badring will be on sale from April. And they will offer the opportunity to make several homes smart which, at higher prices, would remain without sensors. But first we need to understand if they work well: we will keep you updated.

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