OnlyFans: 3 Ways to Download DRM Videos Easily and Safely

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In this article we will discover three simple ways to download OnlyFans DRM videos easily and safely: let’s discover all the details together

OnlyFans is a popular subscription service that allows creators to share exclusive content with their supporters for a fee. While the platform offers a diverse range of content, including photos and live broadcasts, some creators also make videos available protected by DRM that cannot be downloaded directly from the site. If you are an enthusiast who wants to keep such videos for offline viewing, you may be wondering how to download them easily. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of downloading DRM videos from OnlyFans step by step, using simple tools and techniques. So, let’s get started!


The first tool we would like to offer you is PPTube, a service that allows you to download videos in different qualities (HD, 4K, 8K) from several popular websites, including OnlyFans DRM videos. You can also download them in batches, saving a lot of time, and in more than 20 output formats. We tried PPTube and it is definitely faster than other competitors, guaranteeing you a result free of watermarks and advertisements. Below are the steps to download videos from OnlyFans with PPTube:

  • Select the output format: open PPTube and select the Download and Convert tab, at the top right you will find the options button that will allow you to select resolution, format, audio quality and much more
  • Log in to your OnlyFans account through the browser built into PPtube and select the video you want
  • Click on the Download button and, once completed, the video will be available directly on your PC. You can also find downloaded videos in the “Downloaded” section on the left
  • Download Helper

    Download Helper is a Chrome extension that allows you to download videos from OnlyFans to be able to enjoy them directly offline. There are many, but in our opinion this is one of the easiest to use and, above all, it is completely free. You can select a wide range of resolutions and video formats. Below are the steps to download videos from OnlyFans with Download Helper:

  • Find the extension and click Add to Chrome to install it
  • Open OnlyFans and log in to your account
  • If you have installed the extension correctly, you will find the Download button directly below the player of the video you want
  • Click on Download and, once finished, you will find the video in your Downloads folder
  • TubeOffline

    Finally, TubeOffline. As you can guess from the name, this tool allows you to download content directly online. And TubeOffline is definitely one of the most user-friendly around, you simply need to have the URL of the video available. TubeOffline offers numerous conversion formats, such as MP3, FLV, AVI and WMV and allows you to maintain the highest quality after downloading. Below are the steps to download videos from OnlyFans with TubeOffline:

  • Open TubeOffline on your web browser
  • Log in to OnlyFans and select the video you want to download and save offline
  • Copy the video URL
  • Navigate to TubeOffline and paste the URL into the search bar above
  • Wait until the program has finished preparing the download link, then select the desired video quality and format
  • Begin download
  • What is DRM on OnlyFans?

    DRM, or Digital Rights Management, on OnlyFans, refers to the security measures implemented by the platform to protect digital content uploaded by creators. DRM is a technology that limits unauthorized copying and distribution of digital content, such as photos and videos, on the platform. On OnlyFans, DRM is used to prevent subscribers from downloading or saving content shared by creators. This means that when a creator posts photos or videos, subscribers can view them on the platform but cannot easily download or save them to their local devices. OnlyFans drm aims to protect the intellectual property of its content creators and ensure that their exclusive content remains accessible only to paying subscribers.

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