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Ikea under hacker attack, flooded with phishing emails

The well-known brand of furniture stores Ikea and under hacker attack: a lot email phishing arrive on the servers, due to some servers Microsoft Exchange compromises. The company is alerting its employees, hoping to stop any attacks in the bud.

Hacker attack against Ikea, flooded with phishing emails

According to reports from the magazine BleepingComputer, the company has sent all its employees emails to warn caution. “There is a cyber-attack in progress that is targeting Inter Ikea mailboxes. Other Ikea organizations, suppliers and business partners are compromised from the same attack. And they are further spreading the emails they give to the people of Inter Ikea.

The email then explains that the attack comes in the manner of “email Reply all“, Which spreads to the entire bulletin board of company contacts. A careless employee downloading a contaminated attachment is enough for corporate servers to be compromised as well.

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According to TrendMicro analysts, the attack involves adding links to chains of old email existing, which lead to downloading harmful files and potentially malware onto your computer and then onto the corporate network. The fact that they are part of legitimate email chains makes the attack more difficult to notice.

The Ikea email specifies that these phishing emails contain seven-digit links at the end of the address. And they ask employees to report them immediately suspicious emails to the internal IT team. In the hope of being able to stop any illegal attempt by hackers in the bud.

For the moment it does not seem that the data have been compromised but it is still early to know the outcome of the attack, to which Ikea is responding, at least according to what was reported. We will keep you updated in case of news.

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