Ikea unveils Dirigera, the new Matter ready hub for the smart home

Ikea presenta Dirigera, il nuovo hub Matter ready per la smart home thumbnail

Ikea announced the future debut of the new hub for smart home, Dirigera, which has been defined as a device Matter ready. Matter, we recall, is the new universal standard for IoT devices which, after a long and troubled development, is preparing to debut with the first certified products by the end of the current year.

Ikea unveils Dirigera, the new Matter ready hub for the smart home

will lead aims to become the new reference point for the smart home according to Ikea. The device will arrive on the market with the Matter certification and will be able to count on Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Thread support. Thanks to the Matter certification, Dirigera will be able to communicate with all the devices that they will support and that will have the certification of this standard.

Note that the Ikea smart home hub will be connectable to the home router via the Ethernet cable. Ikea has anticipated that, in the course of 2023, Dirigera will be capable of receive commands even remotely. There will be a noeggs app for the smart home signed by Ikea which will present a particular organization by rooms and not by groups of devices.

The debut in October

Director of Ikea will debut next October. For the launch, however, it will be necessary to wait for the actual debut of Matter. The new standard is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year, although its launch has already been postponed in the past. We will know more shortly.

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