TEAMGROUP formalizes the release of the new DDR5 memory

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Today TEAMGROUP made official the news that had been talked about for some time. Team Group’s DDR5 industrial server memory officially in mass production

The TEAMGROUP brand, a world leader in memory devices, has officially announced that the industrial server memory DDR5 is now in mass production. This will usher in the new era of DDR5, created to meet the demands of precise processing, high performancein real-time and multi-tasking of computers in servers, data centers and industrial computers. DDR5 industrial server memory caters to applications in high-end servers and large databases and is integrated with TEAMGROUP’s patented technology, welcoming a total upgrade for next-generation servers such as Intel Eagle Stream e AMD Zen 4 Genoa.

How do they work

Memory modules for industrial servers TEAMGROUP DDR5 ECC DIMM and DDR5 R-DIMM they can reach speeds of up to 6400 MT/s. They will have a storage capacity of up to 128 GB, with reduced total energy consumption a 1,1 V. TEAMGROUP also introduced the technology Row Hammer Protection to support the function DFE (Decision Feedback Equalization) to offer solid support for data storage.

TEAMGROUP formalizes the release of the new DDR5 memory


The memory is equipped with the “TRUST technology”Patented by TEAMGROUP, which stands for Temperature, Robust, Unique, SMART technology and Trusty. With TRUST technology, industrial server memory can ensure reliable performance in harsh environments. Therefore resistant to high temperatures, excessive humidity, sulfurization, vibrations and shocks. It also manages to improve overall product reliability and durability to ensure memory can meet the diverse demands of next-generation servers.

Finally, the DDR5 industrial server memory adopted a framework brand new. The biggest difference between DDR5 and DDR4 server memory is that power management is now carried over to the DIMM. In other words, it optimized the redundant circuit designs on the server, providing greater system stability. In addition, they have achieved the goal of lower power consumption, better performance, higher capacities and more stable signals.

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