Il Mio Giorno è la nuova opzione di consegna di Amazon Prime: come funziona thumbnail

Il Mio Giorno is the new Amazon Prime delivery option: how it works

My day is the new option introduced by Amazon Prime and consists of a delivery method designed to improve shipments and meet the customer who doesn’t have time to wait for couriers. So the new functionality allows you to receive the package when it is most convenient for the customer.

How does Amazon My Day work?

How the Amazon Prime My Day option works is very simple. When you are in the checkout, in addition to finding the classic delivery options, the Il Mio Giorno option will appear. Once selected, you can choose the day on which you can collect the package, from Monday to Sunday.

This benefits Amazon Prime subscribers who will be able to take advantage of this very convenient and useful service. We remind you that Amazon Prime is the premium e-commerce service that offers unlimited fast deliveries and other advantages such as Prime Video, at a cost of 4.99 euros per month or 49, 90 euros per year.

Where it is available

At the moment, this new option is available for most Italian stores and it is up to the customer to choose the preferred day. Despite this, however, However, not all products are suitable: For example, items shipped by third-party sellers, Amazon Key deliveries, dangerous materials and shipments to foreign countries or post office boxes are excluded.

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Amazon Prime Video: November releases

With the Amazon Prime subscription you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Video section, making many current films and TV series available.

November will be a particularly rich month in releases on Amazon Prime Video, with particular attention to Italian productions. In the coming weeks, the new Italian comedy “One Prank Show” AMAZING – FABIO DE LUIGI, centered on the famous local comedian actor, the second season of Monterossi – The series, starring Fabrizio Bentivoglioand the coming of age with a superhero background We are legend, with Nicolas Maupas, Emanuele di Stefano, Beatrice Vendramin, Giulio Pranno, James George, Claudia Pandolfi ed Ettore Bassi.

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