Is the Bloodborne movie coming?

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A well-known insider has revealed that a Bloodborne movie is on the way and that work on the film adaptation of the acclaimed Sony exclusive is underway

In recent years, Sony has demonstrated its great interest in expanding its PlayStation narrative universes into media that go beyond video gaming. Just take for example the masterpiece of The Last Of Us (which will soon begin filming for the second season) and the TV series on Twisted Metal, in addition to the movie about Uncharted and the most recent Grand Tourism. It looks like Bloodborne is ready to join the crew with a film adaptation.

Is the Bloodborne movie coming?

The rumors about the upcoming Bloodborne movie are driving fans crazy: are you ready to return to Yharnam?

FromSoftware’s title has become one of the most loved and acclaimed video games by fans and critics, not only in the soulslike world, but in the entire gaming sector. In fact, for years fans have been asking for a sequel to the video game, a remastered for PS5 (or even just a porting). Sony has never released information on the matter, but it seems that they want to exploit the much-loved IP in another form of media. The well-known insider Daniel Ritchman (usually a very reliable source) revealed that there’s a Bloodborne movie coming. She revealed it in a post on his Patreon, where he also talked about who will be in charge of the project. The film will be written by Darren Lemke (known for Lost, Shazam! and The Wheel of Time) and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I Joe).

Given the esoteric nature of the narrative and its orientation towards the video game, we actually have to wonder how a film adaptation of the video game could work. There is no doubt, in any case, that the setting of Yharnam is nothing short of fascinating and that they can create very intriguing stories in the game world. While we wait for a possible upcoming Bloodborne film, Sony has already confirmed the adaptations of Ghost Of Tsushima, Days Gone, Gravity Rush, Horizon e God Of War. We at are big fans of Bloodborne and, honestly, we would be very curious to return to Yharnam during the Cinema Hunt Night. Continue to follow us so as not to miss updates from the world of cinema and TV series!

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