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illy Easy: obtained the “Excellent Quality” seal from Altroconsumo

Illy EASY is illycaffè’s compact and sustainable machine. In the last few hours it has obtained the “Quality Excellent” seal from Altroconsumo

Italy’s largest independent consumer organization tested 74 espresso machines giving illy EASY an excellent level of overall quality. This after an in-depth analysis of the main espresso machines on the market.

Altroconsumo, the largest independent consumer organization in Italy, has chosen to award the “Quality Excellent” seal to illy EASY; the super compact illycaffè machine that allows the use of ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods. These pods are certified compostable and organically transferable (seal published in April 2023 on www.altroconsumo.it).

Consumption, ease of use, preparation times, coffee temperatures and cost per cup are just some of the parameters analyzed by Altroconsumo. This through 55 laboratory testsfollowing which a team of expert tasters thoroughly evaluated the quality of the coffee.

illy Easy: obtained the "Excellent Quality" seal from Altroconsumo

Details on Altroconsumo’s “Quality Excellent” seal at illy Easy

The illy EASY machine is distinguished by numerous strengths. With a minimal and supple design that enhances its versatility, it is ideal for fitting into any spaceboth at home and in the office.

The mechanism for inserting the pods from above and their semi-automatic ejection makes the use of the ESE system even more practical; while the option to adjust the volume and temperature in the cup allows the consumer to obtain a coffee that perfectly reflects their tastes and needs.

Finally, the heart of illy Easy is the Purge technology. This that automatically cleans the spout with a small jet of hot water before each dispensing, ensuring complete cleaning and constant quality of the coffee.

Statement about it

This prestigious award confirms the qualities of illy EASY, a product that perfectly expresses the company’s attention to innovation, quality and sustainability

comments Cristina ScocchiaChief Executive Officer of illycaffè.

illy Easy stands out, in fact, not only for the excellence of the coffee, but also because thanks to the ESE system it allows the consumer to have a responsible consumption experience.

illy EASY is available in the unmistakable illy red and in black and white. Purchasable on the illy e-shop, in single-brand stores (illy Caffè and illy Shop), and in the Eldom channel at the recommended retail price of €129.00.

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