ilPod: a Xiaomi podcast to promote technology

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Born from the philosophers and writers Andrea Colamedici and Maura Giancitano, the iPod is a podcast that makes use of the collaboration of Xiaomi.

ilPod powered by Xiaomi 12 Series

A podcast to analyze and discuss the role of communication in the digital age. With these premises it was born ilPod powered by Xiaomi 12 Series, in which the company joins the project born from the philosophers and writers Andrea Colamedici and Maura Giancitano. After all, who but a cutting-edge brand can provide the tools to encourage the spread of new communication tools? All with a format increasingly appreciated by users. According to NielsenIQ data, in fact, the diffusion of podcasts and audio content has grown considerably in the country, to the point of being able to speak of a pool of 14.5 million listeners.


ilPod is therefore aimed at a very large catchment area. A world certainly not unknown to Xiaomi, which has long since launched a proprietary podcast called Stories of Smart Life.

“Our podcast voices the technology trends that involve our fans and enthusiasts firsthand. Innovation is part of Xiaomi’s corporate DNA, and for this reason we can only be excited to carry it forward by sponsoring the first podcast festival in the country “- he concludes Andrea Porta, Digital Marketing Manager of Xiaomi Italia.

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