iMac Pro will have an enhanced M1 Max chip

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He chips M1 Max on the MacBook Pro amazed by its great power, but the version coming up iMac Pro should do even better. In fact it looks like it might have two extra CPU cores, promising exceptional performance.

iMac Pro may have an M1 Max chip with 12 CPU cores

The new MacBook Pro 16 surprised even the most skeptical commentators. The ability to perform even heavy graphics operations such as video editing on a laptop, the great battery life. But this second feature becomes less important when the computer remains plugged into the power outlet. That’s why the next iMac Pro, which Apple will unveil this year, promises unprecedented powers.

The leaker @dylandtk has in fact revealed that the new all-in-one from Apple could have an enhanced version of M1 Max, with well twelve CPU cores, instead of ten. Specifically, 10 of these should be dedicated for high-performance performance and only two for the most efficient ones.

According to the leaker this extra power would be destined only to the model top of the range, the one for users who have particular computational requests. However, the option of an iMac Pro with the “base” M1 Max chip would remain.

However, this news has left many commentators surprised who wonder if it is cheap for Apple to build a variant of its processor just to provide an extra option on the iMac Pro. Which promises to be a great computer, but which in all likelihood won’t appeal to professionals (who are waiting for the release of Mac Pro instead).

There are therefore many unresolved questions. But the iMac Pro, which might have a 27-inch mini-LED display and an upgraded processor, is likely to become one of the hottest Apple products coming out this year. And many will come out. We will keep you informed.

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