Syberia: The World Before, release date announced

After the postponement announced more than a month ago, the publisher Microids has officially announced the new release date for Syberia: The World Before, the fourth chapter of the series of graphic adventures created by Benoit Sokal

After the publication of the third chapter in 2017, it now seems that Microids intends to continue publishing new chapters of the adventures of Kate Walker. Originally released in 2002, Syberia is a graphic adventure created by the famous Belgian cartoonist Benoit Sokal, and has fascinated a large number of gamers for the very peculiar settings and storytelling. The fans were therefore waiting for this new fourth chapter: after the announcement of the postponement more than a month ago, and after the release of the launch trailer, we finally have the Syberia release date: The World Before.

Syberia: The World Before, the new release date and additional statements

According to the official tweets published in the past few hours, the release of Syberia: The World Before is scheduled for 18 March 2022 your PC. The announcement comes with a new message from the developers, who state that “these extra weeks have allowed Koalabs and our team (Microids, ed) to feel confident in delivering the game you deserve”. As for the console version, there is currently no official news.

Syberia: The World Before is set in two different zones and timelines: the first in Taiga, in 2004, with Kate Walker as he struggles to survive in a salt mine; the second instead in Vaghen, in 1937, with the pianist Dana Roze. The bond between the two characters constitutes the central mystery of the adventure. Along with the iconic world of Sokal, this direct sequel to Syberia 3 also promises complex puzzles fans of the series will love.

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