Image Colorizer Review: Colorize photos in black and white

Image Colorizer Review: Colorize photos in black and white

With Image Colorizer you color your old black and white photo with just one click, let’s find out how it works in this review

It’s been a long time since we went from black and white to color of today’s digital photos, but looking at an old black and white photo often arises in us the curiosity to see beyond those shades of gray and steal the colors that only the photographer who has immortalized that moment he perceived. It is worth checking for yourself what Image Colorizer can do, I assure you that the result and the ease of use will leave you amazed.

Highlights and Features | Image Colorizer Review

To perceive the power and the simplicity with which it can transform photos from black and white to color with just one click. But what’s behind Image Colorizer?

Going to the site there is the possibility to use the Web version, there is the one for platform Windows / MAC and also in the app for Android and Apple IOS.

The features that make Image Colorizer a unique tool of its kind are:

  • Simplicity of use, just drag the image and click on “START” to process it and have an excellent color photo in a few seconds.
  • Safety, all the photos we upload are not archived and are deleted every 24 hours.
  • It supports the coloring of formats of most used image Jpg and Png.
  • The maximum processing size is more than enough for any normal sized photo (3000 × 3000) and a maximum of 4MB.
  • Result high quality, the color photo maintains the original size of the processed one, the resolution is optimized and the result is a photo not only in color but lighter than the black and white one.
  • Multi platform, Web based, Windows, MAC, Android, IOS, virtually all system most used.
  • The use of the software is FREE.

Innovative technology | Image Colorizer Review

Image Colorizer lavora in Cloud and uses an algorithm of Artificial intelligence e Machine Learning.

To accurately identify the most suitable color Image Colorizer analyzes every single one pixel of the photo to be processed by storing the brightness and position values.

Next use a recognition based on models that are created thanks to a algorithm of Artificial Intelligence and a machine learning technology that guarantees high quality results.

Instructions for use | Image Colorizer Review

Whether you use the web version or all the other platforms for which Image Colorizer is available, using it is very simple.

The step to follow are always three:

  • Make the upload of the photo, using the Web version you can either select the photo or drag it into the frame.
  • Process the photo, processing lasts a few seconds is really fast and accompanied by a small progress bar.
  • Make the download of the color photo, on the Web version once the processing is finished you have to click on the “DOWNLOAD” button, another tab (“tab”) will open next to it that allows you to save the photo by clicking with the right mouse button and selecting the item “Save image as” to be able to print it in color.
  • Image Colorizer Review: Colorize photos in black and white


    The level of precision and the processing speed make this product something truly innovative.

    Although there is no Italian version of the Web version, the simplicity of use is so elementary that you can almost intuitively get the final result.

    It manages to produce images in colors that in addition to having color intensity are credible e realistic.

    Last thing that is not cheap, to use them there is no need for any subscription to services or other, just go to the site and no cost enjoy a truly excellent product.

    Points in favor

    • Ease of use
    • Processing speed
    • Data security
    • Multi platform
    • High quality result
    • Price