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Imou at IFA 2023, security in 4K and more

Imu has brought a huge variety of security cameras to IFA 2023, with some really interesting solutions. Give her new series in 4K, which make it easier to identify any intruders, up to dual lens video cameras and even external spotlights that incorporate a camera. And then sensors, routers and even smart home solutions.

Imou at IFA 2023, security in 4K and more

As they strolled through Imou’s stand at IFA 2023, the brand’s Italian team explained to us that the company also wanted to show its 10-year experience in home security. Above all, focusing on the new series of 4K UHD security cameras (which we have already had the opportunity to try).

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The new Rex 3D 4K series it has several advanced features, ranging from pet recognition to smart notifications. But the leap in quality comes from the point of view of resolution, which becomes 4K.

The same goes for the rest of the 4K series, which includes the Knight 4K with a spotlight to illuminate the outside when needed (and also act as a bollard) and for Cruiser 2 4K. The ultra-high resolution outdoor cameras have recognition for vehicles outside and pets outside, as well as people recognition for both. This allows to limit false alarms to a minimum, without reducing safety.

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4G connections and the new Imou Sense technology

An interesting variant for those with special needs concerns connectivity: for this there are telecamere Cruiser 4G. The Imou team explains to us with a SIM it becomes possible to cover even areas that are difficult to reach with WiFi, as well as the possibility of continuing to function even in the event of a poor wireless connection. All without giving up the advanced features of Imou.

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Imou at IFA 2023 also presents interesting software news, as well as hardware. This is the case of Imou Sense, which uses proprietary algorithms to improve your security.

Indeed, the artificial intelligence of Imou Sense offers 50% more effective recognitions. But it also reduces the number of false alarms by 35%, with very fast response times. This technology arrives on several new series: the Bullet 3, the Versa 2 and the Cruiser 2C.

imou isense smart security cam

Then there are several innovative solutions, such as the Bulb Camera which uses the attachment of an E26/E27 bulb, so that it can be easily positioned in the position of the entrance light in front of the house, or on the patio or in the garden. A solution that combines comfort and practicality, without giving up the smart functions Imou has accustomed us to.

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In addition to video cameras

Imou’s IFA 2023 booth makes it clear that security cameras are the company’s core business. But these are not the only innovations that the company has brought to Berlin. In fact, there are only so many sensor solutions that allow you to make your home truly smart. And there are also the brand’s smart locks and smart doorbell.

imous ifa 2023 sensori e router

In addition, Imou also presented i router AC1200 e AX3000which make it even easier to use the brand’s security solutions, leaving free lines for video cameras.

There are even i robot vacuum cleaner and floor washer of the RV2 line, which also have a self-cleaning base. Making your home even smarter.

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