New troubles for Fabrizio Corona: stopped while driving by the carabinieri in Milan

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Fabrizio Corona, the former VIP photographer, was involved in another legal incident near Linate airport in Milan

The man was stopped by a police patrol after making a risky maneuver along the arterial road leading to the airport. However, the surprise was to discover that Corona was driving without a licencewhose withdrawal dates back to 2012.

New troubles for Fabrizio Corona: stopped while driving by the carabinieri in Milan

The reconstruction of the facts

The authorities have fined Corona for driving without a license and will report it to the Surveillance court to evaluate any violations of the probationary scheme.

According to a first reconstruction, the imprudent maneuver of Corona attracted the attention of the Radiomobile carabinieri who were patrolling the area viale Forlanini.

In the vehicle with Corona was another individual with criminal record.

Furthermore, the former photographer was away from home without the permission of the magistrate. Corona declared to the carabinieri that he was headed to Linate to take a flight to Catania, his hometown, to urgently reach his son in Sicily.

However, checks carried out in the databases revealed that the Corona driving license was revoked on August 13, 2012 from the prefecture of Napolithus triggering the administrative sanction provided for by the article 116 of the Highway Code, which entails a fine of a minimum of 5 mila to a maximum of 30 thousand euros.

This episode adds new legal problems to the former celebrity photographer, who will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

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