Nel 2022 saranno venduti 30 milioni di iPhone SE thumbnail

In 2022, 30 million iPhone SEs will be sold

In 2022, 30 million iPhone SE thumbnails will be sold

Starting today the new iPhone SE 3 with 5G connectivity is officially available for purchase. On the occasion, some of the Taiwan-based analysts shared their expectations on the sales of Apple’s budget smartphone for 2022. They could reportedly ship well over the course of the year. 30 million units over the course of the year, equal to the highest number of second-generation iPhone SEs that Apple shipped in the first year of its release. But let’s find out something more.

iPhone SE 3: 30 million smartphones are expected to be shipped in 2022

According to estimates by DigiTimes analysts Sean Lin and Luke Lin, 30 million units of the iPhone SE 3 will be shipped in 2022. Apple reportedly prepared components for less than five million units of the new smartphone in the first quarter of the year. 2022, but actual shipments are expected to be somewhat lower. In the next quarter, however, shipments are expected to rise to 11 million units. In the third quarter they will remain at roughly the same level, before slowing down in the fourth quarter, when Apple is focused on launching the new iPhone 14.

According to DigiTimes, the availability of the new iPhone SE 3 is expected to significantly increase shipments of 5G phones towards non-Chinese markets in 2022, with an important slice of customers who prefer the convenient price and the traditional design (complete with the return of the Home button). In 2021, according to analysts, about 280 million 5G phones were shipped to non-Chinese markets. According to forecasts, this number will increase by more than 60%, reaching over 450 million units shipped, or 63.5% of world volumes. In China, where 5G phones already account for 80% of sales, slightly less growth is expected. But what matters is that Apple’s new budget smartphone will be successful almost everywhere.

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