Dungeons & Dragons: parla Chris Pine

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Dungeons & Dragons: actor Chris Pine talks about the spirit of the film in an exclusive interview

The actor Chris Pineamong the protagonists of the film based on Dungeons & Dragonshe told in an exclusive interview what the spirit of the film is and what to expect from the new film version of the RPG that has enchanted generations.

It is still early to be able to see the new Dungeons & Dragons movie at the cinema, given that it will be released in March 2023. Nevertheless, Chris Pine, taking advantage of the promotion of his The spies’ dinnerexplained what spirit there will be to wait for the rpg film conceived by Gary Gygax e Dave Arneson in the seventies. She didn’t reveal anything about the details of the story, but she spoke a lot more about the spirit of the operation. Now the question we all ask ourselves is: will it convince the large number of fans?

The words of Chris Pine

And it is precisely in this way that the actor spoke in the interview. We faithfully report his words:

Guys. Well, I can tell you we had a lot of fun doing it. We laughed a lot. I would describe it as a cross between Game of Thrones, The Fantastic Story and a dash of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We are over there. Is very funny. So many emotions. It is crackling, you can breathe the eighties, there is also something of the Goonies. My character is the ultimate event planner! In my opinion it will be really good. I mean, who the fuck really knows, but I think we have a good chance and John & John rock. They know the comedy, they know the emotion, we had a great cast and we had fun while we did it. What more could you ask for!

He cast di Dungeons & Dragons

In the cast with Chris Pine there are Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith, Hugh Grant in the part of the villain e Benedict Cumberbatch in an undisclosed role.

There are still many doubts about this new film version, but from the actor’s words it was possible to see that the approach to the material, this time, is more “varied” than literal, therefore the risk of re-proposing a Dungeons & Dragons- That the game began about twenty years ago seems a long way off.

At the moment all that remains is to wait, but we, as always, will keep you informed of any other news that may come on the horizon. Keep reading and following us!

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