In a few days Naraka: Bladepoint will arrive on Xbox Game Pass

Tra pochi giorni Naraka: Bladepoint arriverà su Xbox Game Pass thumbnail

Starting from June 23 Naraka: Bladepoint will officially arrive on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass. The announcement comes directly from the 24 Entertainment and NetEase Games studios. The popular 60-player Battle Royale has already sold more than 10 million copies on PC, and is now preparing to debut on consoles.

To coincide with the launch on Xbox, players will also be able to use the brand new ones Dual Blades. This is the very first two-handed weapon in NARAKA, allowing players to deliver powerful blows with high attack speed and unstoppable movement, allowing for combos and multiple strikes.

Dual blades Poster

Naraka: Bladepoint from June 23 on Xbox Game Pass

In the near future, NARAKA players will also be able to experience the first chapter of the game’s brand new campaign mode. This mode will allow teams of three to take on new enemies and bosses – in PVE – which will offer players entirely new challenges. They will soon discover that to be successful it will be necessary adopt strategies totally different from those of the canonical PvP combat.

Speaking of the launch on Xbox X | S and Xbox Game Pass, Zhipeng Hu, vicepresidente di NetEase, said: “We share the same ambition with Microsoft to bring a captivating and exciting new gaming experience to wider communities. It is important for us to bring this oriental gameplay to the western market “

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