In Brazil, the sale of iPhones without a charger has been blocked

In Brasile è stata bloccata la vendita di iPhone sprovvisti di caricabatterie thumbnail

In Brazil was sale prohibited of some iPhonebut not all, only those that did not have a characteristic considered fundamental: the battery charger.

Why can’t iPhones be sold without chargers in Brazil?

The dispute is now long-standing, but it seems that a decision has been made to act in accordance with Brazilian law. The operation was called Operation Unload and was particularly concentrated in the country’s capital, Brasilia.

The struggle, however, dates back at least to the market introduction of theiPhone 12with an action that has sparked a bit of controversy around the world: the absence of the charger. And if many, over time, have come to terms with it, this has not been the case for Brazil, where it is legislated that electronic devices offered for sale must be sold with the appropriate chargers to guarantee their full functioning.

The situation escalated even more when Apple also started selling the latest iPhone 11 models without a charger and to date it seems that, at least in the capital, the government has taken action.

What do we know about Operação Descarrega on the sale of iPhones

The Brazilian magazine reported the news Technoblog. According to reports, the initiative was promoted by the procon of the Federal District (DF) on an operation conducted by the National Secretariat of Consumers (Senacon).

There was an appeal on the fact that the Ministry of Justice itself had suspended, about a couple of months ago, the sales of the indicted iPhones. In addition the Ministry had imparted to Apple a fine of more than 2 million euros.

So since November 11, it has been expressly forbidden to release iPhones that do not include the charger in the box.

How did Apple react to all of this? Three days later the multinational presented a mandate that guaranteed the sale of your devices in Brazil.

In short, the company has decided to comply with Brazilian laws, by virtue of the fact that it was not only the iPhone 12 that were seized, but also the subsequent models, including the newcomer, the iPhone 14. Furthermore, the Brazilian one is a essential market for Apple, as in Brazil the cost of the devices is very high.

Peace made, then?

Yes, but at least not right away.

The Director of Senacon’s Consumer Protection and Defense Department, Laura Tirelliin a statement to Tecnoblog, said that until Monday, November 21, Apple was not allowed to resume the sale of its iPhones, starting with the first offending model, or 12.

As for the iPhone 11, the problem has resolved itself as production has been discontinued this year. At the most, a real one will start treasure hunt: find the remainder of a brand new iPhone 11 with charger included in the box.

However, Apple has always tried to defend its decision to eliminate the charger from the packaging, placing it as a ethical and environmental factor: pollute less and use fewer resources such as zinc, copper and tin.

Samsung also followed Apple’s new charger policy for a while, but after the first fines imposed by Brazil it backtracked, replenishing the chargers with Galaxy Z Flip4 e Z Fold 4. The multinational with the bitten apple was more difficult, but in the end even the IT giant had to take a step back.

And what do you think? Were you immediately in favor of the sale of iPhones and smartphones without chargers or did you harshly criticize this choice by Apple?

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