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In Europe, sales of electric cars are growing, not in Italy

In Europe the market from the electric cars It is growingin Italy still does not take off. According to the latest data published by Acea, the month of February 2023 closes on a positive note. In all there are 97,300 registrations (against the 71,984 in January), which mean one 12.1% market share. It’s a 39.7% growth compared to the same period last year.

So almost all EU states are growing, starting with Holland. Electric cars registered are +88.9% in comparison with February 2022. France (+45.7%) and Germany (+14.7%) are also doing well. While the Czech Republic (-3.2%) and Slovakia (-28.2%) are relegated. How does the Italian market react to electric cars?

Electric car

Electric cars, Italy is bringing up the rear in the EU

Italy has the plus sign in the electric car market. But the numbers compared to the EU average are lower. The market share of the peninsula in fact it stops at 3.7%, or 8.4% less than the rest of the EU (12.1%). However, it rose by a few points compared to 2.6% in January and 2.8% in February 2022.

In absolute terms, the registrations Of electric cars they are 4,859. +54% compared to the same month last year, when BEVs sold were 3,156. But the strongest fuel in our area is the hybrid (HEV), with 47,731 registrations (+23.9% compared to 38,526 in February 2022).

So so instead the ibridi plug-in, which conquer only 5,587 motorists and make 5.1% more than in the same month last year (5,314). In the rest of Europe, PHEVs fell by 7.4% (57,569 against 62,164).

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