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In Sound Mind: the new trailer for Modus Games’ psychological thriller

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To celebrate the success of the psychological thriller In Sound Mind, released last month, Modus Games releases a new trailer.

In Sound Mind: An extraordinary horror

Modus Games has released a trailer of the accolades obtained to celebrate the critical success of the psychological thriller In Sound Mind. The title was released just last month for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It is one stunning variant of the horror genre, where real monsters are those who inhabit the memories.

The new video highlights the scary encounters players can expect to have in the game. In addition, the team announced that the Nintendo Switch version of In Sound Mind will be available in 2022, to ensure the maximum psychological disorder at launch.

In the game you find yourself having a first-person experience, in which the player is placed in front of the unpredictable dangers that lurk in the recesses of the mind. Created by the team behind the legendary mod Nightmare House 2 (We Create Stuff), In Sound Mind transforms seemingly simple memories into shocking encounters with unusual threats. It will be necessary to face incredible enemies and, in order not to miss anything, a mysterious cat. Only the strongest will be able to rely on their sanity long enough to discover everything within it.

After all, what would Halloween be without a talking cat? If you haven’t tried the game yet and are curious, read our review as well.

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