In the depths of Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

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Lately Grinding Gear Games organized a small press conference in which he revealed the latest news of Path of Exileincluding also the arrival of Path of Exile 2. The latest title update for 2022 is the new expansion titled The Forbidden Sanctum, already available to be tried. The update has reportedly added some new roguelike elementsimproved theendgame and added one new challenge which will put even the most experienced Path of Exile players to the test. But now let’s proceed step by step and discover all the news together.

Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum – everything you need to know

What is it exactly The Forbidden Sanctum? It is a’ancient Templar enclavediscovered under the ruins of Fellshire. She has been abandoned for many years, but has resurfaced with a terrifying evil. Players can now explore the abandoned stronghold during the new one Read The Holy Challenge. Players accustomed to the standard Path of Exile gameplay should brace themselves, as the Sanctum is quite literally a new game in its own right.

The Sanctum is full of debilitating dangers which players must approach carefully. They can see into preview next roomslocate i monsters who are in their path and try to plan accordingly their actions. Of course, as in any self-respecting roguelike, death is unavoidable. Be prepared for multiple attempts inside the Sanctum before finally escaping.

While death ends a Sanctum run, players must also heed one new feature that they can find at the bottom of the screen: we are talking about the resolve meter.

This novelty pushes the characters to defy the depths of the Sanctum. However, it gradually decreases over the course of a match. Once the Resolve Meter it runs out completely, the race is over, definitely. Although it is possible protect the physical life counter character from monster attacks, you have to keep in mind that the resolve meter will take a bigger hit. Therefore, it is necessary pay special attention.

What Grinding Gear Games friends recommend to players is to to plan carefully their path within the Sanctum. Some rooms are characterized by elements that affect the Resolve meter It is on player recovery.

However, some rooms may also contain some special items able to help players regain resolve. Sometimes recovery is free; other times it has a cost. Players can also find the new coin Aureus over the course of the game, which can be exchanged for league-exclusive rewards. Those who manage to survive each floor of the Sanctum can look forward to rich rewards. However, this aspect could entice some of them to accept a Cursed Pact. The pacts will be of different types and they will offer special benefits in exchange for heavy consequences.

Other items to keep in mind

Racing within the Sanctum often starts from scratch; however it is possible to collect some Relics of the Templars during the match. Once obtained, these will permanently mark a certain place of the player inside the Sanctum, and will have the function of checkpoint.

While the Sanctum Challenge League is the main attraction of the upcoming Path of Exile update, players can expect to see some major improvements throughout the game. L’endgamein particular, was fully settled. In an effort to prevent players from stacking all of the Atlas Tree bonuses for boss battles, these bonuses will now entered in their basic properties.

The Atlas Tree will receive new ones instead narrative content while the Memoirs of the Atlas they will delve into the story of some of the most popular aspects of Path of Exile.

It must be said that the title has been going on for almost ten years now; so gamers, especially veterans, for sure they’ve already seen it all. And that’s why Grinding Gear Games decided to turn the tables and offer them one wonderful challenge.

A new mode will be added to the title Ruthlesswhich will make the hardest game ever. However, rather than power up monsters ridiculouslythe development team decided to increase the scarcity of items, limit crafting and make sure that the support gems can only be acquired through drop, just to name a few methods. Consulting the official site you will find more interesting details.

Path of Exile 2 is a reality

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During the press event for the new expansion of Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum, Chris Wilsonthe CEO of Grinding Gear Games, has revealed a few more details about Path of Exile 2. Now we know when the full game and when it will be announced the release of the beta.

So far the information about Path of Exile 2 are very scarce and the game has been pretty quiet after the reveal of theApril 2021. Finally, however, we can have some more information on the development and other details.

According to what has been revealed, the development of the new chapter is progressing well and both Wilson and the team are satisfied with the progress made so far. He couldn’t provide any concrete details yet, but did say the team will present Path of Exile 2 in its entirety at the upcoming ExileCon to be held at July 2023.

ExileCon 2023, taking place from 29 to 30 July at the Aotea Center in Auckland, New Zealand will be entirely dedicated to Path of Exile 2. Not only will the full game be presented, including all the main game mechanics/systemsbut it will also come Beta date announced. According to Chris Wilson, visitors will witness a playable demo of Path of Exile 2 during the event.

Grinding Gear Games has also confirmed that it will also be at the Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Although there are no further details, we believe that during the event you will be able to access the demo or even the beta version of the title.

We just have to wait for theExileCon 2023 to know more.

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