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Twitter deletes page with new link sharing policies

Twitter deleted the page and tweets about new policies About the sharing links to other social platforms, announced yesterday. Instead of tweets, pop up a poll to ask users what they think. In which the possibility of posting external links to each social network would be overwhelming.

Twitter deletes the page with the new policies on sharing social links

Things change fast on Twitter. And they return to status even faster. Only this morning we reported on Twitter’s decision to ban all links to other social networks from its platform. THEInstagram, Facebook, TikTokbut also Mastodon, Post and the other alternative sites, together with the Truth Social launched by ex-President Trump.

Already this morning we had reported the uncertainty of the situation, due to Musk’s change of course. The CEO promised polls for all major policy changes. And he had started by asking whether he should resign, options he won in the first poll.

It is not the only survey initiated by Twitter, which retraces its steps on the decision ban links to other social networks.

In fact, the official policy page on this novelty it disappeared from the site. And the official tweets, as we had already reported to you this morning, are inaccessible.

In their place, a poll: “Should we have a policy that prevents the creation or use of accounts that exist only to advertise other social platforms?”. A change of tone from the original tweets, which also asked not to allow advertising links to social networks in one’s profile, including services such as Link Tree o Link Bio to post more than one.

This new wording would essentially eliminate the official Twitter accounts of Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon. And it seems that users are against it: for the moment 87% of users voted “no”. The existence of this type of account also serves to guarantee official communications in the event of a downtime (for example if Instagram stops working) and many users are not willing to give up this possibility. Without considering the antitrust problems that this rule could create.

But if the vote continues like this, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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