Alla fine Twitter non ha rimosso la spunta blu ai profili non paganti thumbnail

In the end, Twitter did not remove the blue check from non-paying profiles

Last week Elon Musk announced that by April 1, blue-checked accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue would lose their verification mark. These are the named profiles legacythat is to say those who have received the check as public personalities, belonging to the world of entertainment or politics.

Despite Musk’s words, however, no measures have been taken. On the contrary: at the moment both subscribers and legacy accounts keep the blue checks. And it is practically impossible, by eye, to distinguish between the two.

Will legacy accounts still have a blue check on Twitter?

At the moment, clicking on one of the blue ticks of a profile, the message appears: “This account is verified because it is a member of Twitter Blue or it is a legacy verified account”. Until a few weeks ago, however, the social network explained which of the two categories the verified profile belonged to.

Techcrunch reports that on the weekend The New York Times account lost its verification check because it didn’t want to subscribe to Twitter Blue. In recent days, many celebrities (including LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes II, Darius Slay, Monica Lewinsky e William Shatner) have publicly stated that they do not intend to pay for the blue check.

Is it therefore possible that Twitter decides to go back on its word, leaving the blue checks for legacy accounts? Journalist Matt Binder noted that Elon Musk posted and later deleted a tweet claiming that Twitter was giving “a few weeks of extra time” to legacy accounts. The deleted tweet also said the social network would remove the checkmark if accounts specifically refused to pay Twitter Blue.

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