In the name of music Cupra and Openstage are together

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After announcing strategic international collaborations in the music field with Primavera Sound. Boiler Room and the most recent with Rosalíacontinues the commitment of CUPRA. To explore new territories and new experiences.

Talent, passion and socialisation. This are the basis of the collaboration between CUPRA Italy and Open Stage.

An innovative start-up revolutionizing urban entertainment. Thanks to technological totems installed in public spaces that can be booked via App. Above all, offering young people an opportunity to emerge as musical talents that is completely free, widespread, inclusive.

Cupra and Open Stage together in the name of music, press office source

The project “CUPRA x Open Stage. Road to Music” was born from the sharing of values. These are intrinsic to the two realities. A contemporary, innovative and unconventional approach.

The search for the best performances and the expression of talent. As well as the desire to explore new territories and conquer new dimensions.

Cupra can’t resist music and chooses Openstage

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And if CUPRA he again chooses the sphere of music. it is precisely for theuniversality of language. And for the sense of freedom and sharing that it brings with it. Approach and mentality that for the car brand translates into the spirit of belonging to the Tribe.

Because the music always unites. Thus a project was born three stages. This involves creating a path that will lead the winner all the way to Primavera Sound in Barcelona. The international music festival mentioned CUPRA is an official partner.

All stages of Cupra and Openstage

The first phase saw the involvement of Kharfi, Edmmaro, Dj Nuzzle they Stunt Pilots con ZoVivaldi. Emerging artists of the Italian music scene, active on the platform Tik Tok who challenged each other in the creation of #CUPRAbeat, a musical track inspired by the sounds of CUPRA Formentor Tribe Edition, the latest version of the brand’s iconic model. For the creation of this “beat”, the artists tried their hand at creating a musical track by recording and sampling the sounds of the car with the help of the Open Stage totem installed on board the CUPRA Formentor Tribe Edition 1.4 PHEV 245 CV DSG, exhibited at the CUPRA Garage Milano in Corso Como 1.

Cupra and Open Stage together in the name of music, press office sourceCupra and Open Stage together in the name of music, press office source

CUPRA x Open Stage is the first totem that the Italian start-up installs inside a car: a real performing and itinerant stage that can be used by the 4 creators selected in the Open Stage community to create the #CUPRAbeat.

During the period that the artists had at their disposal to give space to their creativity and compose the #CUPRAbeat, they were joined by Federico Felletti, young creator and official presenter of the project, to try to deepen curiosities and links between CUPRA, Open Stage, the music and the artists.

The second phase includes the exclusive event “CUPRA Talks: Music Edition” which will be held on Tuesday 23 May from 5.00 pm, again in the Milan hub of CUPRA in Corso Como, 1.

In addition to a reflection on the role of music, on the possibilities that a start-up like Open Stage can offer the public thanks to the creation of its “technological stagesi” made available to the public in various situations and the possibility for cities to become smarter thanks to the democratic sharing of art and culture or on the impact that a booming social platform such as Tik Tok can have in creating a sense of community (the one that CUPRA identifies in its Tribe), the event will also be an opportunity to experience the live performance of gIANMARIAafter his experiences at X-Factor 16 and Sanremo 2023, supported by its author BIASe di Claraknown not only for her musical talent but also for her participation in the series Sea Out.

Cupra and Open Stage together in the name of music, press office sourceCupra and Open Stage together in the name of music, press office source

The evening of the event will conclude with a DJ sets which will see the involvement of Kharfi come main DJ e Then Edmmaro, Dj Nuzzle they Stunt Pilots as guests who will take turns at the console.

On this occasion, the name of the artist will also be announced who, thanks to his #CUPRAbeat, together with Federico Felletti will participate in the third and final phase of the project. That is to say, “Road to Music”, the journey that aboard CUPRA Formentor Tribe Edition will take both guests to Barcelona for Primavera Sound which will be held on the first weekend of June and which will mark the end of this collaborative project that sees CUPRA, Open Stage and Tik Tok Together.

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