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In the NVIDIA Studio: The latest driver for Maxon Cinema 4D arrives

In the NVIDIA Studio, the new weekly column of news related to the creative world of Nvidia, offers us the latest “Driver” news

As anticipated days ago, the colossus of Santa Clara launched the new series called “In the NVIDIA Studio“, Which on a weekly basis, seeks to celebrate artists, broaden the media coverage of the latter, which through their work and innovative techniques that can inspire the future generation of creators. We will see industry experts disseminate important info and exclusive updates apps for NVIDIA Omniverse, Canvas, and Broadcast. Let’s see the words of Nvidia;

“In the NVIDIA Studio” is a new weekly series created to celebrate artists, their work and the ways in which RTX acceleration and the NVIDIA Studio ecosystem are helping to develop new and innovative creativity. It’s also the perfect opportunity for creatives to keep up to date with news related to major app updates, new hardware, and NVIDIA Studio drivers – including the April NVIDIA Studio driver, due out tomorrow.

In the NVIDIA Studio: The latest driver for Maxon Cinema 4D arrives

The latest update that brings the address book concerns the Driver Studio, which now adds support for recent creative app updates, in particular Unreal Engine 5. RTX GPUs offer EU developers tons of benefits, and here are a few;

  • Hardware and software ray tracing for Lumen, UE5’s new fully dynamic global lighting system
  • An updated NVIDIA Omniverse connector that includes the ability to export Nanite mesh source geometry
  • RTX and DLSS accelerated ray tracing in the UE5 window for real-time graphics
  • Beautifully ray-traced graphics and higher frame rates in the finished product thanks to these same technologies
  • NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers with Real-Time Performance

The driver also supports recent Maxon Cinema 4D (including the adoption of OpenColorIO), Chaos Vantage, Omniverse and others. Lenovo’s latest mobile workstation, the ThinkPad P1, joins the Studio line of laptops and can be configured with both GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX GPUs – up to the new RTX A5500 Laptop GPU. Studio laptops now available for purchase include the recently announced Asus ProArt Studiobook 16, l’MSI Creator Pro Z16 and it Z17.

Finally, the star artist in this week’s In the NVIDIA Studio series takes us on the path of memories. Full of nostalgia, Andrew Averkinlead environment artist 3D at NVIDIA based in Ukraine, shared his work “When We Were Kids”. It leveraged its RTX and Omniverse GPU, along with the RTX-accelerated UE5 denoiser to cut the render time down to seconds. Averkin modeled When We Were Kids in Autodesk 3ds Max where the GPU-accelerated viewport RTX and the RTX accelerated AI denoising they allow smooth interactivity despite the huge file size.

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