“In the Nvidia Studio”, the series puts Nvidia Canvas to the test

"In the Nvidia Studio", la serie mette alla prova Nvidia Canvas thumbnail

This week Nvidia presents in the series “In the Nvidia Studio” the award-winning director Karen X. Cheng try Nvidia Canvas e il concept artist Pablo Muñoz Gómez test acceleration Nvidia RTX.

In the Nvidia Studio, creatives put Nvidia Canvas to the test

Moving from ideas to product becomes easier and easier as technology advances, especially when AI lends a hand. As he explains Karen X. Cheng, “I am thrilled to be using NVIDIA Canvas to be able to sketch my own landscapes I envisioned. This is the perfect sketch to communicate your vision to an art director or a location scout. I’ve never had great drawing skills before now; therefore, I feel like I have artistic superpowers thanks to this innovation “.

Nvidia Canvas is the free application that allows you to take advantage of AI on any computer equipped with Nvidia RTX or GeForce RTX. You can transform simple brush strokes in realistic landscape images. In this way, creating quickly allows you to go from idea to presentable version of the content in no time.

In the NVIDIA Studio with Karen X Cheng min

Cheng is putting his superpowers to the test with live streams in which he competes with his AI collaborator Sketchpad Don Allen Stevenson III to paint spectator challenges using Canvas. Here you can find out the result of the challenge.

However, Nvidia Studio is also changing the way in which 3D scenes are created, starting simply from 2D sketches and then using the acceleration of Nvidia RTX. As he explains Pablo Muñoz Gómez “Since working with the GeForce RTX 3090, I am able to spend more time on the ‘creative stages’ and test things to perfect my concept now that I don’t have to wait for a render or worry about optimizing a scene to be able to see it in real time “.

The power of RTX 3090 has made it easier for the graphic artist to speed up their workflows in a simple way. You can read how on the Nvidia blog.

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