Incogni: how to remove your data from the Internet

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Finally a service that allows us to remove our data from databases that are filled with our navigation data: let’s find out how Incogni function!

As we browse the Internet our data is continuously recorded and accumulated in large databases. Who collects this data uses it, directly or indirectly, to monetize through targeted advertisements and ads. Have you ever done a search or visit a certain website and then find advertisements on exactly that topic? For example, if you are looking for recipes, have you ever found advertisements for kitchen utensils? You may find it annoying or useful, but one thing is certain: someone is using your data for profit without you realizing it. Whenever you accept coockies, your data is automatically recorded. It can be data relating to our contacts, our position or the contents we are viewing. If this has caused you a bit of apprehension, Incogni will take care of it! Let’s see how it works.

Incogni: how to remove your data from the Internet

Incogni: delete your data from the Internet

Let’s get to the point: what is Incogni? It is a very useful tool that in a totally automatic way removes our data from the databases that collected it. How? You must know that in reality it is possible to request with a simple email or through the forms, remove your data from the databases that collect our data. The problem is that doing it by hand takes hours and hours of tedious procedures. Nobody would do it. Incogni solves the problem! In fact, thanks also to the experience of Surfshark who developed the project, the Incogni team has accumulated hundreds of contact lists and forms to help us remove our data from the web.

Incogni: how to remove your data from the Internet

How the service works

Basically you will have to create an account, providing an email address that will be used to send cancellation requests and you will also have to specify which data you want to delete. You will also have to authorize Incogni to act on your behalf. From that moment on, Incogni will manage all relations with data database managers, sending requests for cancellation and possibly managing disputes. Your contribution will be requested only when necessary and in a minimal form.

To access the service, sign up for a subscription. From that moment on, Incogni will start the procedures to remove your data from the databases and will periodically check the presence of your data within them to re-iterate the procedure if necessary. In fact, even using VPNs and other privacy protection tools you are never completely safe. The only solution is to check by hand!

Why use Incogni?

Even if the laws that protect privacy are very stringent, there are dozens of loopholes. One is to feed website visitors endless lists of terms of use and cookies to be read and disabled manually, which obviously nobody does. With the result that obviously the data is then taken the same.

Removing them manually from the databases would take the same time, so Incogni intervenes and does it for us, allowing us to save up to 300 hours! The cost of the subscription is about $ 12 a month, but if you choose the annual subscription you will get a discount of almost 50%! Not a bad offer if we take into account that our data feeds into turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars without being given a penny. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!