Indesit presents the Innex washing machine equipped with steam technology

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Indesit presents the brand new Innex washing machine, characterized by the Push&Go Steam program. This innovative function, using Steam Technology, simplifies the process of ironing washed items

Activating the Push&Go Steam program is incredibly easy: just press a single button, making household laundry management accessible to everyone.

Indesit presents the Innex washing machine equipped with steam technology

Indesit revolutionises domestic laundry with the Innex washing machine and Push&Go Steam technology

The recent one introduction of steam technology in the program Push&Go follows the success of the Push&Go laundry appliances by Indesit. These were designed to encourage the collaboration of all family members in household activities.

With a handy blue button, you can start a cycle wash at 30°C which can be completed in less than an hour. During the last 15 minutes of the cycle, the steam is introduced into the basketmaking the fabrics softer in preparation for the next ironing phase.

With this new Innex washing machine, Indesit is committed to making the process of washing and caring for clothes simpler and more accessible to everyone.

Among the many domestic tasks, the ironing process is universally considered one of the most laborious tasks and requires a considerable commitment of time. There Steam feature of the Innex washing machine is designed to make it easier for families: the steam used at the end of the wash cycle is effective in eliminating the most obvious creases from fabrics.

This makes it easier to iron items such as shirts and sheets, allowing you to reduce the time required by 30%all with the push of a single button.

The positive effects of steam are also manifested through two additional special programs: Cottons+Steam and Shirts+Steam (at 40°C), which ensure that the fabrics are impeccably clean and easy to iron. In addition to the Steam function, the Innex washing machine satisfies another common need: achieve optimal results in removing stains through short wash cycles, with consequent energy savings.

In this regard, the household appliance delivers three new Extra Rapido programs at full load, with a duration of less than an hour, like the Full load 45 min, ideal for removing stubborn stains, and the Quick 20 min, suitable for smaller loads such as sportswear.

For those who prefer detergents in PODS format, the Innex washing machine includes a DashPods loop specially optimized, eliminating the need to dose the detergent and guaranteeing excellent results at 30°C in just an hour. The new Innex washing machine integrates high washing performance with high energy efficiency.

Il inverter motor supports the latter, improving washing capabilities and reducing vibrations for quieter operation. Furthermore, the sensore Water Balance Plus optimizes water consumption based on the load, ensuring the use of the necessary quantity.

Washing machine specifications Innex SteamModel: BWE 91496X WKV IT- 9KG, 1400 gear/min

  • Energy class A
  • Noise emissions: 78 dB
  • Departure delayed up to 24 hours
  • 17 programs
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 85 x 59.5 x 63

Prezzo recommended to the public: 449€VAT included.

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