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indie Baldo The Guardian Owls

Released last August with a not exactly happy launch for its technical performance, Baldo: The guardian Owls it still remains an indie title worth discovering. Not to be forgotten also due to the recent release of the DLC The Three Fairies. Initially presented as a tribute to The Legend of Zelda and with evident references in the graphic style to the Studio Ghibli production, let’s find out together why we have to retrace together what is proposed by the Italian Naps Team in the section “The indie to discover”. Why go and take back a title that didn’t live up to expectations about the final result? Let’s find out together in this dedicated in-depth analysis, after the last issue dedicated to another amarcord game, Spelunky.

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Baldo: The Guardian Owls, a return to the past (in every sense)

First of all, let’s take a closer look at how much the storytelling of this title offers, which in some respects might seem like a ‘quite amarcord experience. The story largely takes up the classic narrative dedicated to the exploits of a young hero, Baldo. He is introduced to us without too many preambles and immediately introducing the protagonists of the adventure.

Without wasting time we are immediately introduced to the first assignments to be completed, with several fetch quests already present in the initial phase and which slow down the pace of the gameplay from this moment. We also start the adventure without the equipment and skills that we will be able to acquire only to follow.

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The gameplay leads us to explore caves and large rooms, without however receiving indications on what we must do and the objectives to be achieved. There is a lot economy at the level of depth of plot and explanations on the gameplay, a not too pleasant aspect in our opinion. RTe were it not that it is in any case a classic title with fairly predictable nuances.

A classic gameplay with some difficulties

From the point of view of pure gameplay techniques, therefore, the management is not the best, but it still remains an enjoyable title in its simplicity. Suitable for those who have no pretensions, the dynamics game are rather classic and not very original. Among these, the return to a checkpoint following the game over, puzzle to be solved without any help, and unclear mechanics that require a trial & error approach.

The graphics sector then presents a compelling and really cute art style, but with several defects, even gross ones. Baldo: The Guardian Owls has several flaws between glitches and bugs which lead to slowdowns, already present by definition, although there are still valid aspects, expanded in April with the aforementioned DLC.

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Why play Baldo: The Guardian Owl still today

Ultimately, if the work of Naps Team did not seem convincing on several technical fronts, it is the commitment made is appreciable in an attempt to create a product that is recognizable of its kind and unpublished in certain respects. Baldo: The Guardian Owl presents suggestive features, especially graphics. This makes it quite interesting, but also disproportionate looking at the work done and dedicated to the concept and development of the title. A job that could have given much more satisfaction, but that still manages to meet the taste and passion of those aficionados of Studio Ghibli graphics and the GDR genre.

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