Will Apple announce realityOS at WWDC?

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There is a week left until the arrival of the WWDC 2022at the Apple: the company could announce realityOS, the platform for augmented and virtual reality? A trademark registered under a fictitious company name could be proof we’ve been waiting for.

Apple may announce realityOS for its headset at WWDC 2022

The theory arises from what is reported Parker Ortolaniwhich gathered several pieces of evidence that would show that Apple wants it launch realityOS next week. The operating system may arrive earlier than Apple’s XR headset, so that developers can create interesting apps for Apple users.

Already many commentators suspected this tactic from Apple. But Ortolani has found the registration of a trademark, for the note “realityOS“, Filed by Realityo Systems LLC. This fictitious company would have the address in the same registered office used by Apple to launch the Mac operating systems, without attracting attention.

In support of this theory is the fact that the realityOS it will become official globally on June 8th, during the third day of WWDC 2022. Coincidence? Impossible to exclude it. But it seems more likely to think that Apple wants to launch this absolute novelty without revealing too much before keynote.

But a lot of information has already leaked into the Apple headset. Should have two 4K screens, 15 photographic sensors to allow both VR and augmented reality. And above all it should have a chip Apple Silicon to support all functions, from gestures in virtual reality to spatial audio.

This device is rumored to arrive on the market in 2023. But Apple could launch the operating system early and provide prototypes to developers, to ensure that they are already there at launch many apps on the virtual store.

Certainty will only come to WWDC 2022, which becomes even more unmissable. We will keep you posted.

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