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Indie to discover – No Place Like Home

Is the life of farmers hell? It is certainly even apocalyptic when you have to manage piles of garbage, many different animals and various crops. All these always different aspects are collected in the farming simulator No Place Like Home, developed by Chicken Launcher and published by Awaken Realms. Released last March, it immediately seemed to us very interesting since the preview test. It is based on the care and cleaning of the environment, in full respect of our planet after humans have now completely disappeared. What will it be like to live with only animals and a few survivors of the catastrophe? We review it together, after the last one dedicated reviewin this special “The indie to be discovered”.

No Place Like Home, like rising from a farm apocalypse

Humanity destroyed the Earth, abandoning this planet for Mars, and only a very few are left on our world. Among them is Ellen, a young girl who inherited her grandfather’s farm and her mission is now to explore the world and clean it up. Nothing is the same anymore, it’s up to us to create a new home from scratch, as the title says.

What to do now? First, we have to tame animals and rebuild our village, in a title with hybrid tasks between agriculture and farm. Our task, therefore, is to rearrange the farm between polluted waters, fields covered with garbage and toxic mountains, but “flowers are born from manure” and the waste can be reused.

An intuitive and engaging farming simulator

So what does the gameplay? We can understand the dynamics thanks to the tutorial shown in the initial phase, to learn the main dynamics. Among these, of course vacuum the garbage, attack the evil robots with a kind of drill and a good, intuitive crafting system. There is clearly no lack of understanding of the resources offered to us by animals to be domesticated, how to cultivate the land and produce food to conserve.

After this very practical and understandable tutorial phase, we get to know the animals around us directly. Let’s start with a hen, who explains to us what happened from the moment of the apocalypse onwards and we can embark on a series of always different and well-alternated activities between them. While not featuring a story, the graphics are present and the mechanics are interesting. There is also no shortage of animals to look after and tame, as well as an adorable species of little robots called Cubebots.

A fully-fledged graphic and technical sector

As always, a short but interesting analysis of the technical and artistic sector cannot be missing, which allow us to enjoy really well-finished settings and amazing artwork. The look of the game is really nice, where the presentation of the world and the characters has been done with decision. Looking also at the animals that we can keep and tame, including dogs, cats and raccoons, as well as chickens and pigs, each of them has a strong personality and uniqueness. Finally also the game engine response is smooth and clean, giving us a pleasant gaming experience and not affected by technical problems of any kind.

Why play No Place Like Home

In conclusion, No Place Like Home it is not a simple farming simulator. It turns out able to unite management dynamics inside the farm, but also moments more related to action and education for the care of our planet. The game design is compelling, ithe concept and gameplay are exceptionalthus able to give back a relaxing and fun gaming experience. The behavior of the various characters, and the ability to caress the creatures or decorate our home are details that make this title a classic management simulator, but with different points of interest. A title that we recommend trying and that lovers of the genre should have in their libraries.

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