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Indie World: Recap of all April 2023 announcements

Waiting for Silksong like Godot: here are all the announcements of the latest Indie World, filling the month of April 2023 with twenty minutes of hype

Twenty-four hours after its announcement, theIndie World it came with twenty minutes of announcements for the independent sphere up Nintendo Switch: we have condensed them everyone here to take stock of the final situation April 2023. And if you’ve been following our recaps for some time now, you already know broadly what to expect: lots of announcements, just as many trailers and, why not, maybe a final bombshell. Will he have done “fetecchia”? Will it be the device we all expect? Find out with us… by following, if you haven’t seen the entire presentation and don’t want spoilers, the full event below, with the various horrendous puns that ensue from Amber and Andrew. Because the “Nindies” never do without them…

Mineko’s Night Market – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

As you may have guessed from our caption at the top, there are some announcements that everyone is expecting, but the April 2023 live has decided to open with Mineko’s Night Market. In the setting with an undoubted oriental influence of the game, the feline deity Nikko has always given fertility to the fields on the slopes of Mount Fugu. Local peasants drove Nikko out, losing faith in the creature although some still do. He continues to get by, between magic and bucolic life. The adventure takes place between the fields to manage and the island to explore, including “Zeldian” puzzles. Exit the September 26th.

My Time at Sandrock – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Continuing, the presentation went like a train (of the hype) with My Time at Sandrock. This sequel to the My Time series (including, for example, the recent My Time at Portia) features a deeper story than its predecessors, as well as richer gameplay. The developers visited the Gobi Desert during the making of the title and the results can be seen in the look of the post-apocalyptic village to rebuild. For the rest, this adventure with role-playing and simulation elements follows all the trappings of the hybrid vein: many supporting characters, side missions, agricultural sections and fights. Estate 2023.

Plate Up! – Indie World: All April 2023 announcements

The third announcement instead concerns another title, PlateUp! (yes, including the exclamation point). After bringing up another review, we might as well go back to what we’ve already seen in Overcooked!… more or less. In this “roguelite culinary management software” we will have to cook the dishes, serve them, update our menu and even automate the process. Yogscast Games (development team affiliated to the group of streamers) offers us an experience with local and online multiplayer for co-op, while we will try to expand our kitchen from time to time with the various conveyor belts and thus manage as much possible clientele. October 2023.

Quilts and Cats of Calico – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Do you know calico breed cats? We are talking about the tricolor feline lineage made up almost entirely of females only… exactly, a bit like the Gerudos. The game was born out of a passion for cats and board games, and (unsurprisingly) adapted the Calico board game. The aim of the game, in Quilts and Cats of Calico, is to weave a blanket all together, with hexagonal boxes that vaguely remind us of the intrigues of Carcassonne. Find the right style to please your friends, and while you’re at it customize them to your liking. Custom matches with random opponents await us when the game releases this fall.

Rift of the Necrodancer – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

After the arrival of Cadence of Hyrule, it was clear that Brace Yourself Games was destined for great things. Their new musical experiment is the new story that awaits us in Rift of the Necrodancer, a spinoff of Crypt of the Necrodancer in which the fights take place “in lanes” in a way not unlike Guitar Hero (or Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, we would like to say). Sometimes some bosses need to be knocked out with multiple hits, other times we’ll see it with musical mini-games in the delusional style of Rhythm Paradise. We don’t have a precise date, but we know that day one is expected within the year.

DLC – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Games that are already available will all receive gods downloadable content. The only one we will have to pay anything for is A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawerswhich will include secret compartments and unpublished illustrations in each new drawer of the puzzle game. June 2023. Continuing we have Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeonswhose expansion is free Puzzler’s Pack will allow us to explore Castle Quandary with the gameplay benefits of Mr. Hat’s new hats. Primavera 2023. In the end, Cult of the Lamb will receive new content, new missions, permadeath mode, gauntlet mode and boss rush with the update Relics of the Old Faithexpected next Monday (April 24th).

Animal Well – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

The sardonic American youtuber Videogamedunkey (which we advise English speakers to follow, ed) participated in the making of Animal Well, a minimalist metroidvania that promises sparks. The game candidly adheres to all the conventions of the genre: specifically, we will have to explore the various labyrinths in pixel art while a cathode ray tube filter enriches the retro essence of the experience. Naturally, there are variations on the theme, such as the possibility of having some small allies as we explore the darkest depths of the game world. The release period is also obscure: nothing more than a generic “winter 2023”.

Crime O’ Clock – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

You know our Zelda timeline talk? So now imagine using the opposite approach to time travel: no timeline splitting, just action and reaction. And it is on this principle that it is based Crime O’ Clock, an “exploration puzzle game” where our aim is to solve over 40 cases by traveling between time and space in a map that is minimalist in its color scheme, but very prone to continuous change. We’ll see how both the protagonist and the game world he’s a part of transform when the game comes to us on the 30th of June.

Teslagrad Remastered & Teslagrad 2 – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Imagine if, suddenly, a sequel came out for one of the most loved indie pearls of recent years. And this is how Nintendo gives us the first big surprise of the live broadcast with the unexpected announcement of Tesla degree 2, full of folklore and Scandinavian settings as much as its predecessor. Which, by the way, comes back with the self-explanatory name of Teslagrad Remastered. The aim is always the same: to use our electromagnetic powers to solve puzzles, accompanied by Nordic music in a level design otherwise based on platforming. What is missing to define this as a bolt from the blue? How about that both are already available with lots of bundles?

Shadows over Loathing – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Not content with their monochromatic delirium, the creators of West of Loathing promise us in this sequel “gangsters, monsters, mysteries, Flappers, criminals, fishmen, clumsy, goblins and government plots”. This is the trailer’s “shopping list”. Shadows over Loathing, an RPG full of comedy, stick figures and different roles. We could play as a “jazz agent”, or enjoy the esoteric skills of the … “cheese wizard”. Be that as it may, we have the second shadow drop of the day: the downloadable version And already available from todaywhile for the physical format we shall wait for autumn.

Blasphemous 2 – Indie World: All April 2023 Announcements

Metroidvania and soulslike fans can go back to high-fiving each other (and then see if they can quote Germano Mosconi in doing so). With these premises we could not do anything but talk about the unpredictable Blasphemous 2, sequel to the homonymous predecessor (and by the same creators, among other things, of The Last Door). The Penitent is back, ready to face the curse called “Miracle” in the same pixel art world. The fearless be ready at the rate of challenge: Amber and Andrew have used the term “brutal action platformer” and, armed with war censers and other pseudo-Christian amenities, we will have to face it. Estate 2023.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – Indie World: All Announcements April 2023

“Bada-bada-boom”. Is it any wonder that, with the Night School Studio development team reporting directly to Netflix, we mention Stranger Things? Actually not, since Oxenfree II: Lost Signals maintains the same “adolescent investigation into the world of the paranormal” atmosphere typical of eighties films. In this adventure we will have to pay attention to a mysterious new sect, capable of opening interdimensional portals. Of course there are also Camena’s many mysteries to investigate. It is not a mystery, however, the release date of the title: July 12thwith the possibility of pre-order the game now.

Final rundown

Already, no final bomb this time. Which comes as a final surprise to her, but… it doesn’t matter. Let’s see immediately who brings up the rear. Paper Trail goes out to Augustand in the game we will manipulate the images of the apparent animated book to solve the puzzles by playing with perspective. Little Kitty, Big City awaits us in 2024 and is already shaping up to be the nindie equivalent of Stray. Chants of Sennaar comes out the September 5th and will see us explore a world of incomprehensible scripture along the lines of Tunic. Brotato goes out this year and promises plenty of twin-stick shooter action with a touch of Newgrounds-style animation. The puzzles of Escape Academy: The Complete Edition they will give us quite a headache this fall. Following, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach it still puts us against the animatronics who don’t want to know about dying today. In the end, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk tries to respond to Hi-Fi Rush in the style of the August 18th.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: what did you expect from the presentation? Let us know belowand as always don’t forget to stay on…