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Tennis League VR: train playing tennis in your living room

AnotheReality, a studio specializing in the development of immersive XR (eXtended Reality) solutions, has launched Tennis League VR, a virtual reality game that lets you practice and enjoy tennis. The game is available from April 20 on the Meta Quest Store. and was created together with H.I.P. – Health Improvement Products Srla company that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle through immersive experiences and VR video games.

Tennis League VR allows you to immerse yourself in the world of tennis and sports, using the movement of your arms to control your racket. Players will be able to challenge virtual or real opponents, participate in tournaments and unlock bigger and bigger stadiums. Of course you can too customize your own avatar and racketchoosing from several options.

The trailer and game modes for Tennis League VR

Tennis League VR offers a mode Academy, where players can take tennis lessons for beginners or experts, with timing and precision exercises, designed by tennis instructors and doctors. This mode will help users try their hand at the world of tennis for the first time (or to make the movements of those who already play more accurate and technical).

In the Arcade mode, however, it will be possible to experience original and fun challenges against an army of invading robots. How to reject them? With the racket of course! This mode will challenge your aim and reflexes, and allow you to monitor your performance to improve backhand after backhand.

ennis League VR field

In short, Tennis League VR is a virtual reality game that combines the useful and the pleasant, promoting physical exercise in a fun and engaging way. It is a game suitable for everyonetennis enthusiasts and professionals, but also fitness enthusiasts and casual players.

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