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Induction charging ready for commercial developments

The world of electricity travels fast towards decarbonisation in the world of transport and from the experimental circuit Future Arena, along the A35 Brebemi motorway, we are already looking at concrete development projects within infrastructures. Let’s find out more details about it together.

Future Arena

The President of A35 Brebemi Francesco Bettoniand project partners, presented induction charging technology for electric cars DWPT.

The Italian pilot project is coordinated by A35 Brebemi e Random, a global transport infrastructure operator. The latter specializes in sustainable and innovative mobility solutions and cooperates with realities that are points of reference in each sector of expertise.

These include ABB, Electreon, IVECO, IVECO BUS, Mapei, Pizzarotti, Politecnico di Milano, Prysmian, Stellantis, TIM and FIAMM Energy Technology. And then again Roma Tre University, Parma University, Fire Brigade and Ministry of the Interior – Traffic Police.

Tests carried out on this technology have confirmed the extraordinary advantages. In fact, in the path towards the decarbonisation of transport, also thanks to the life and size of the batteries, induction charging can contribute to a concrete transition towards electric models. All of this actually improves the user experience in the field. L’artificial intelligence will have the task of facilitating the exchange of information between the vehicle and the management platforms. Therefore, road safety and travel efficiency will benefit.


This technology allows electric vehicles to recharge by traveling on dedicated lanes. This is thanks to an innovative system of coils positioned under the asphalt that directly transfer the necessary energy to the vehicles (cars, trucks, buses). In short, it is a real zero-emission mobility system. It includes different elements studied by industrial excellences. Among these we find the synergy of asphalt, control units, cables, electric vehicles and 5G connectivity.

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