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Ineos Fusilier: new electric off-road vehicle with zero-emission variants

Ineos Fusilier represents an interesting proposal in the electric off-road vehicle market, offering two variants of engines to respect the environment

Ineos FusilierIneos’ new off-road vehicle, was recently unveiled in London with the promise of delivering two engine variants, one fully electric and another electric with extended range. The founder of the brand, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, said the extended-range version will feature a gasoline engine capable of powering a generator to maintain battery charge when an external power source is not available. Currently under development, specific details on the second powertrain option and the timing of its market debut will be revealed inautumn of 2024. Ineos Fusilier was developed in collaboration with Magna and will be produced at the Canadian company’s plant in Graz, Austria. Based on a skateboard platform with top hat structure, steel underbody, aluminum doors and closures, the vehicle maintains the solid DNA of the Grenadier, albeit with slightly smaller dimensions. A crucial part of the development includes extensive testing on Mount Schockl, near the Magna assembly plant in Graz.

Ineos Fusilier: new electric off-road vehicle with zero-emission variants

Ineos Fusilier: the off-road design

The design of the Fusilier features aerodynamic lines with beveled edgesactive grill shutters, full LED headlights seven inches and a steel tube that runs through the entire vehicle, giving an impression of solidity. The large front grille houses two LED work lights foroptimal lighting. With recessed door hinges and other features aimed at managing airflow, the Fusilier presents itself as a versatile choice in the electric off-road landscape. Meets the needs of environmentally conscious consumers and practicality.

The collaboration with Magna and the sustainability-oriented approach highlight Ineos’ commitment to promoting innovative solutions in the automotive sector. The aerodynamic and functional design features, together with the solidity and versatility of the vehicle, make it a choice worth considering.

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