Infinity Pool: out the trailer of the film by Brandon Cronenberg

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A new film is about to be added to the creations of Brandon Cronenberg. This is Infinity Pool and the trailer is already available

There are a little less than two months left for the release of a new film, which horror lovers will be able to appreciate. It’s about Infinity Poola new film that has the signature of Brandon Cronenbergson of art of David Cronenbergcelebrated director, screenwriter, actor, film producer, and pioneer of the genre body horror. The new film, which will be released in America on January 27th seems to contain the right dose of adrenaline and horror typical of the genre. Let’s find out more in detail what it is.

Infinity Pool: trama

The film tells the story of a wealthy couple on vacation, James and Em. The destination they have chosen for their trip is a wonderful resort on the island of La Tolqa. Incredible days lie ahead for the two: the sea is wonderful, there is not a cloud in the sky and the hospitality of the staff makes them feel like in paradise. Everything changes when Gabi, their guide, convinces them to leave the protected spaces of their village, to venture into what is true island life. A violent accident will force James and Em to confront the laws of La Tolqa. They will discover that any crime there is punishable by the death penalty and the only way to save themselves is wealth; only in this way will they have the opportunity to choose a copy of themselves, who will die in their place.

Infinity Pool: out the trailer of the film by Brandon Cronenberg

He cast

In the new horror, James and Em will be played respectively by Alexander Skarsgardalready seen in The Northman (2022) and Cleopatra Coleman instead appeared in In the shadow of the moon (2019). Mia Goth (Suspiria, 2018) will instead play the role of the guide Gabi. Also in the cast Jalil Lespert (A report, 2021), Thomas Kretschmannwhich will also be present in Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny (2023), Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid’s Tale, 2017), Caroline Boulton e John Ralston (Till death do us part, 2019).

Infinity Pool, written by Brandon Cronenberg himself, will be presented at Sundance Film Festival before its release.

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