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InkPad 4 is the new PocketBook ereader

Pocketbook introduces INKPAD 4, a single waterproof and scratch-resistant ebook and audiobook ereader

In the pool, at the SPA or by the lake: the PocketBook’s new InkPad 4 e-reader it is the most versatile device to read an e-book or listen to an audio book thanks to IPX8 waterproof rating, to the scratch resistant screen 7.8 inch with built-in speaker and Bluetooth module to easily connect wireless headphones and speakers.

InkPad 4 is the new PocketBook ereader

Let’s discover the new InkPad 4

The player of the Swiss company supports 6 audio formats and the Text-to-Speech function, which transforms any text into audio. On the other hand, he thinks about the well-being of the eyes 7.8 inch screen And the latest generation Ink Carta 1200, which increases contrast by 15% and improves response time by as much as 20%.

All in a format very close to that of a normal paper text, to comfortably read technical manuals, magazines and comics.
The function SMARTlight allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen and the temperature of the gray scale so as not to tire your eyes in different visibility conditions, on the beach or in the dark. It is also possible to choose between a warm or cool tone, to always have the best reading comfort.

PocketBook InkPad 4 data sheet

  • 7.8′ E Ink Carta™ 1200 display – 300 dpi resolution
  • Dual-core processor – Vertical / horizontal reading
  • Audio 6 formats (M4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, MP3.ZIP)
  • Support for 21 book formats and four graphic formats without conversion
  • Memoria 32 GB – WiFi dual band – servizi PocketBook Cloud – Funzione Text-to-Speech
  • 11 pre-installed language pairs and 42 free downloadable language pairs
  • 2000 mAh battery: up to one month of active reading without recharging;
  • Weight 265 gr – Dimensions are 13.4 × 18.9 cm; 7.95mm thick
  • Price: 289 euros

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