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InkPad Color 3: the new color PocketBook

PocketBook continues to surprise in 2023, introducing its latest innovation, the InkPad Color 3, to the reading public

The ebook reader developed by the Swiss company stands out thanks to its advanced color anti-glare screen And the 7.8-inch Ink Kaleido 3, which offers a notable 50% improvement in image resolution, thus reaching 150 DPI in color pages and even 300 DPI in grayscale.

InkPad Color 3: the new color PocketBook

InkPad Color 3 from PocketBook: an impressive evolution of the E Ink screen

Books, comics and magazines come to life with vivid colors e even sharper detailsensuring comfortable reading in any environment.

In addition to the exceptional image quality, theInkPad Color 3 Of PocketBook also offers a SMARTlight function adaptive. This function optimize brightness and the color tone of the screen based on the time of dayallowing you to choose a warm light for the evening, a cool tone for the morning and Dark Mode for the night, which inverts colors to reduce eye strain.

For those who prefer to listen instead of read, the device offers several audio options, including built-in speakers, connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless headphone use and function Text-to-Speechwhich turns text into natural audio in 26 different languages.

L’InkPad Color 3 And ergonomic and lightweightdesigned for comfortable one-handed use thanks to mechanical control buttons, a touchscreen and an accelerometer that automatically rotates text based on the orientation of the device.

The water resistance con IPX8 certification allows the e-reader to survive submersion in fresh water up to 2 meters deep for an hour, making it ideal for poolside reading during warm weather.

InkPad Color 3 supporta ben 25 book formats and graphics without the need for conversions, including CBR and CBZ formats for comics and manga, as well as 6 audio formats.

The device comes with 11 pre-installed dictionaries and offers the possibility to download a further 42 in different language combinations. AND available in Stormy Sea color at the recommended price of 325 euros.

And you? What do you think of this new one InkPad Color 3 di PocketBook? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to techgameworld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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