InnoGames’ Forge of Empires celebrates its 10th anniversary

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InnoGamesGermany’s largest developer and publisher of online and mobile games, celebrates the 10th anniversary of its successful city-builder strategy video game: Forge of Empires. Let’s find out all the details about it together!

Forge of Empires di InnoGames

Forge of Empires premiered in 2012 and has continued to garner great fan acclaim ever since. To date, players have spent more than 311,482 years in game time, during which some 60 million cities have been built. When the game first came out it included a total of six eras and content for a few months of play. Today, there are 20 eras.

To celebrate the anniversary, players will be able to enjoy a brand new prize-filled event, which runs from today until April 18.

The new anniversary event

To celebrate the 10th anniversary comes a new board game themed event. The goal is simple: advance on the board. With each advancement, players will travel through each of the unique eras of Forge of Empires. The Forge Fact Finder is there to provide players with their next mission, while sharing interesting facts about the history of Forge of Empires. By completing missions and through daily logins and city events, players will be able to obtain banknotes that can be used to roll the dice and advance on the board.

The variety of spaces to finish on is full of unique rewards – the Grand Prize is the Golden Planetarium, but a single new building wouldn’t be enough to celebrate. Additional rewards include the Great King, the Great Queen and the Age Phase, and new portraits will be available to share your board game progress and skills with friends.

The statements

“Forge of Empires has come a long way. As a browser-only game, it continues to improve on its original platform to further support audiences for years to come. The transition also made it possible to meet the needs of mobile users on four different global platforms. FoE has become a giant worldwide hit! Internally, we still have one of the biggest teams working on this title, and this is to improve the overall quality of the game and publish fun and engaging updates weekly. I would like to thank all the internal teams and players for helping to shape an amazing experience and a great fun game! ”Said Stefan Walter, Studio Director of InnoGames.

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