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Innovation and elegance combine in the new AEG appliances

On the occasion of IFA 2022 the group Electrolux presented the latest AEG innovations for washing and cooking. Let’s find out all the news together.

The Electrolux Group and the AEG novelties presented at IFA 2022

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Keep one stable temperature is the most important rule for the wine conservation. The wine cellar Serie 8000 con Perfect Shelving it maintains it thanks to the interaction between compressor e thermostatai insulated side panels and at triple glazed doors.

In addition to the changes in temperature and oxidation, it is the light itself one of the worst enemies of wine. This is because it can quickly alter its taste and color. Prolonged exposure to bright light and sunlight must therefore be avoided.

The AEG wine cellars they eliminate the lights thanks to the presence of stained glass doors con anti-UV treatment, dark interior e UV-free LED lighting. AEG has also developed the technology Perfect Shelving. Thanks to it it is possible to fix the 750 ml bottles of all shapes.

I hygrometry levels above 50% they are important for maintaining the integrity of the corks and preventing oxidation of the wine. AEG wine cellars are designed for self-regulate humidity recycling it from the environment. Finally, to protect the quality of the wine, the cellars are characterized by an environment that is resistant to oscillations thanks to a variable speed compressor externally positioned, rubber shock absorbers e wooden shelves able to absorb any shaking.

The cellars are also characterized by one ventilation permanent natural, which avoids the formation of mold.

Spotlight on the new washing range

AEG also presented a range of washing machines e dryers that allows people to act against climate change and to wash intelligently. The award-winning appliances in the new AEG range are equipped with a water-saving steam wash function and programs that automatically regulate time, water and energy used according to the load.

Washing clothes too often and at high temperatures can ruin their color and fabric. The new AEG range includes the SoftWater Technologythe revolutionary innovation for purifying e sweeten the water. The program is also present PowerCleanwhich removes 59 different stains in just 59 minutes even at 30 ° C.

Instead, to refresh the garments avoiding the complete washing, it is possible to use the steamable to eliminate odors in just 25 minutes. It also does this by using the 96% less water compared to a washing cycle with the delicates program.

Finally, the dryers of the new AEG range have been developed to minimize energy consumption. In fact, through the 3D Scan technologythe residual moisture is detected in the garments up to 10 cm deepguaranteeing precision drying even of jackets and down jackets, preserving their appearance and thermal insulation.

IFA 2022: Electrolux presents the AEG induction hob

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The home appliance brand AEG has launched two new 8000 Series ComboHob FlexiBridge hobs con integrated hood. The new hob with integrated hood from AEG offers the flexibility to design the kitchen without any restrictions.

Located in the center of the hob, the extractor fan it is activated when a cooking zone is used and silently eliminates steam at the source. It is able to automatically adjust with technology Hob2Hoodincreasing or decreasing the power level based on the accumulation of cooking vapors and the development of odors.

The high efficiency ducted system is very easy to install compared to other appliances on the market. Filter e recycles the air in the environmentwhile the function Breeze ensures a smoke-free kitchen even after cooking. Finally, to keep the kitchen air fresh and the fan efficient longer, the removable 2-in-1 carbon filter long-lasting includes both a carbon filter that a grease filtervery easy to clean.

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