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Insomniac Games: The team is working on another new AAA game

Another new AAA game is in development for Insomniac Games. Let’s find out what it is and all the details in this dedicated news

Con Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 e Marvel’s Wolverine, Insomniac Games already has two very important games in development, but it seems that the studio – which has already been one of the most prolific teams at Sony in recent years – has another major project in the works that has not yet been announced, it is another new AAA game. That’s according to footage from a Full Sail University workshop held last year that recently surfaced and shared online (via @Dream_WaIker on Twitter), in which Insomniac’s Erin Eberhardt confirmed she’s working as Project Director on an as-yet-unannounced game from the studio. While Eberhardt was unable to provide details on the project, she did mention that it will definitely be a triple-A game. Here is the video taken from the mentioned Twitter channel:

Insomniac Games: new game and new projects coming soon!

The project in question is likely to be Insomniac’s as-yet-unannounced multiplayer title, for which the same Californian company launched a recruitment campaign as early as 2021. What the game might be is not known, although, having Insomniac had a lot of experience developing multiplayer titles over the years, from Resistance to Ratchet and Clank, expectations certainly remain very high. Some previous reports have indicated that the multiplayer project could be another Marvel game, although the studio has referenced a new IP in some job postings. We just have to wait for further news and updates on the matter; Are you curious to know what it is? Are you a fan of Insomniac Games titles? Let us know with a comment in the appropriate section!

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