Insomnis: the “Long Night Edition” of the game arrives

Insomnis: arriva la "Long Night Edition" del gioco thumbnail

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) and Path Games have announced the release on PlayStation of the Long Night Edition of their horror adventure “Insomnis”. Set in a mysterious mansion where strange things will be persecuted, Insomnis was developed as part of the PlayStation®Talents project.

After the game’s release, which coincided with Halloween 2021, Insomnis Long Night Edition is available now – digital only – for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 for $ 19.99 / € 19.99 and also on PC. In addition to the digital copy of the game, the Long Night Edition also includes the game’s soundtrack and four avatars.

Players will have to solve riddles after riddles to discover the hidden past of the main character: Joe Castevet, in a series of scenarios that pay homage to some of the great horror classics through environmental and narrative cues that will lead users to literally take a dream journey. .

“Things were going well: Joe Castevet inherited an old mansion. What he didn’t know was that the gift was actually a curse. Castevet’s haunted mansion hides a dark secret and Joe will have to explore it to uncover his dark past using all kinds of objects to solve puzzles and escape alive ”.

Game features
Experience the eerie atmosphere of Castevet Mansion: a place where dark secrets are hidden for those brave enough to discover them.

Every choice counts. Insomnis features a number of different endings – so players will need to carefully choose how to progress in their game.

Solve riddles upon riddles to complete the main story in a game with no combat dynamics.

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