How many things can you learn by listening to podcasts?

We discover the educational benefits and more in Babbel’s infographic dedicated to the podcast phenomenon

In 2023 they will listen to them 1 billion people at least once a month: podcasts (free fusion of the iPod and broadcasting, “broadcasting”) are carving out an increasingly important slice of our days.

Not just light topics: i podcast of Edutainment (education + entertainment). For this reason Babbel – the world’s first language learning app – has created theinfographic “What can a Podcast teach you?”, Which tells the global phenomenon of the moment between curiosity and data, also offering a series of useful tips for learning languages… listening to podcasts.

L’Italy fits fully into the world trend: Spotify announced the 89% growth of the Italian catalog in 2021. From the first podcast by Jacopo Fo in 2004 to the 25 thousand podcasts in Italian online, today there are many to recommend (and to listen to): from “From Coast to Coast”, by Francesco Costa, deputy director of “Il Post”, on the USA a “Scientificast”, for science enthusiasts. For those who want to learn new languages “Famous Last Words” di Babbel it represents a real linguistic journey accompanied by experts through history, tradition and particular phrases.

In fact, there are many educational benefits due to listening to Babbel podcasts: they present and introduce relevant cultural elements, as well as helping – through listening – in pronunciation and conversation, explaining new linguistic forms of speech.

Ready to put your headphones on and hit “Play”?