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Instagram abandons the project of being like TikTok

Incredible turn around of the Instagram App after the criticism received from creators and users around the world. The trial version of the full screen view it will be phased out gradually. And the number of recommended posts will be reduced. In short, Meta will abandon all those changes that would have made Instagram more similar to TikTok. Apparently, the Kardashian sisters managed – once again – to get what they wanted.

Instagram: App turns around on the choice to become like TikTok

“I’m glad I took a risk: if we don’t fail every now and then, we don’t think big enough or we’re bold enough – he said. Adam Mosseri in an interview -. But we absolutely need to take a big step back and regroup. [Quando] we learned a lot, we come back with some kind of new idea or iteration. So we will work on this “. The decision comes at an incredibly delicate moment for the Instagram App, forced to face the discontent of utry due to changes designed to allow social media to compete with TikTok. “People are frustrated and usage data is not great,” the head of the platform said.

It all started when the sorelle Kardashian – one of the most influential personalities on Instagram – shared the post “Make Instagram Instagram again“, Voicing the frustration of millions of people. On the other hand, for the whole week Twitter was also filled with content that criticized the new functioning of the social network. And considering that the data on the use of the App have gone hand in hand with the discontent of creators and users, Mosseri has chosen to run for cover. “I think we need to take a big step back, reorganize and figure out how we want to move forward,” said the head of Instagram. Precisely for this reason, the App will temporarily reduce the amount of posts recommended to users, despite its goal is to increase them by about 15% by 2023.

“When you discover something you haven’t followed before, there should be a high level – it should be just amazing -. You should be happy to see it. And I don’t think enough is happening right now. So I think we need to take a step back, in terms of the percentage of Feeds that are recommendations, improve the ranking and recommendations and then, if and when we do, we can start growing again ”. What must be clear, however, is that Instagram’s change of course it will not be permanent. The “threat” of TikTok is always present, and Meta is not doing well even with the profits from advertising activities. The situation is not the best, it is clear. Yet in the last quarter the amount of time people spent watching Reels grew by 30%.

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This means that users’ interest in short format videos is real. Although it now remains to figure out how to integrate it into a platform that is becoming increasingly populated – and confusing -. At this point we ask ourselves what are the plans for the future of the Instagram App. Will it go back to being a photo-only platform? Will it focus on videos without denying its nature? Or will it decide to follow the trend of the moment and become – for the first time – a clone of another social App?

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